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Thread: Choose When To Activate Unlimited Lives/Play

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    I SO agree! In fact your suggestion sounds exactly like the one I and a few others have posted.

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    Bravo! Time should be actual playing time. If you are " rewarded " two hours, it would be great for it to be the 2 hours of your choosing. It is quite a welcome gift, but sitting and playing Fishdom for 2 hours straight is eyes-glazing-over territory. You feel guilty for even taking a bathroom break!

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    AGREE!!!!! Like another poster, I go to the game to do one or two and,...UGH.

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    2-hour unlimited life suggestion

    I think if we were given the choice when to use the unlimited life play it would be a lot better not all people can sit around at midnight or when ever to play. You can also add a pause option so say we had to go run to restroom, eat dinner ,pick up kids at school etc..... We don't lose our time that we won. Thank you!

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    Yes, agreed!!

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    I totally agree with the pause on the unlimited. Lives cause when you win them and get stuck on a level it would be helpful if we had to take a break for whatever it would be nice to not lose the time and could go back and use the full time we have won and not come back and the time is gone.😄

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    I love this game

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    Wow cant believe it! Thanx

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    Free 2 Hour unlimited lives

    Thanx, it actually works! Got to love this game.

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