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Thread: Choose When To Activate Unlimited Lives/Play

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    I suggest you that please let us use unlimited time while we are playing thank you

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    Unlimited Lives

    I wish we could have the option to active the unlimited lives later after we win them. Sometimes I win a 2 hour or 6 hour life and I don’t have time to play at that moment. Today I won several back to back and had something like 10 hours of play. Wish I could have saved some of those for later. Kinda like when we get to choose when we use boosters. Please consider doing this!

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    Hi Jenburch! Sounds like a great idea! I'll make sure to forward your feedback to the team, and I hope they'll give it a thought

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    Thank you! I actually had 12 hours of play time. I wish I could sit and play for 12 hours straight. Lol. I really hope they consider letting us save them till we can use them!

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