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    Why does Austin always get the time I've been away wrong? I play several times day and he'll say I've been away four days!

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    Hi Violet!

    That sounds a bit odd. Do you play the game on multiple devices or just one? Sometimes when you use one device more often than the other Austin may act like that

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    I can confirm with Violet that Austin says the same thing to me too. I only play on one device, a samsung tab. It doesn't affect the game so im not that concerned about it, but thought I would back violet up anyway!

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    Thank you, Ann, I'll inform the devs about it!

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    Yes. Me too. He will say I've been gone for 3 days when I just played a few hrs earlier.

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    Same issue here. I play on only one device, and he says the same thing to me, even if I'm reopening the game immediately after a crash. I thought maybe time worked differently for Austin than it does for people, lol.

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