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Thread: Expand Town Hall Profile

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    Expand Town Hall Profile

    Something I've mulled over for a while is expanding the information available on our Town Hall Profiles.

    Recently, several members proposed knowing a player's preferred language and that finally got me to mock something up:

    Apologies for the mismatched text and just the general mess (lmao). I only have a few minutes before I have to run to class.

    Things added:
    • Flag To Indicate Language (or we could have the language in plain text)
    • Place To Put Our Player Name (distinguishing it from our town name)
    • Place To Put A Town Bio or Any Player Info We Like (much like co-ops)

    What do you guys think? Do you like these options? Would you want to see anything else?
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    Great idea Amoria! It would be great to use to check on folks, like you had "on vacation till Feb 25th," as there are many who are genuinely concerned when we see no activity. You come up with some really good ideas, and have the "know how" to present it well, very good my dear
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    Sweet idea! I don't know how many times this would have been useful in vetting a player who's trying to join the co-op. A mini-bio would help a lot.

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    A very good idea, Vee!
    I would like to have the language as text, because
    • I overlooked it right away in yours *g*,
    • I don't know all flags (not a fan of graphical explanations in general),
    • most of all: I'd want to list several. Certainly better understandable in text then.

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    I think I mentioned in a proposal thread a short while ago: the option for multilingual display would be good.

    DD is German(?) I’ll use you as my example.
    DD has a German flag on her profile.
    She applies to join my co-op, which is English speaking.
    I check out the profile, see the German flag, and deny.
    I could well have just missed out on an epic player because of a game limit.
    Yes, DD could have altered her flag to the UJ because she’s applied to an English speaking co-op, but, what if she forgot? Or just didn’t realise, or thought it had changed but got glitched?

    The option for either multiple flags, or DEU/ENG would be great (although, as it’s not even an option at all currently, I wouldn’t be too put out to start with).

    Other than that... love it! Especially the mini bio section

    Great job
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    yes, German and exactly what I meant. Plus that I mean really text - I have seen many Coop descriptions explaining how they are from many countries and have therefore the languages x and y and z. In that sense I think it would be helpful if I don't just choose flags or language abbreviations, but can say: "...and I can also survive in a French or Spanish Coop, but w/o much exercise yet". OK, that's too long, but it's just an example for differentiations I would like to tell about.

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    I love the Town Bio idea. It would be very useful.

    And off-topic, I am so in awe of your grasp of so many languages, DD (and a little jealous. LOL).
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    aww, Natalie, how nice of you to say that, thanks! yes, I always liked languages and they were easy for me (started 2 more ), so I could use that as example, but really, I wouldn't dare to join a Spanish Coop anymore; it's too many centuries ago I learned it. My English meanwhile comes from game fora mainly, and for that, btw, I am terrible at maths: I look with open mouth at everyone who can explain the regatta calculations!

    for back on topic: The language additions can of course also be added in the bio text, but for one, I think we won't get much space there, just look at the chat messages, and I'd find it important enough also for the checking Coop to have it separately. The missing communication in some Coops has always amazed me, and it shouldn't be caused at least by not understanding each other's language.

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    I just have to say I REALLY like this idea!

    Another thing that would really help - is to be able to open their profile and know exactly who they are even if that particular player changed their town name. For example, I have a person who keeps trying to join my coop and keeps getting kicked out due to not following the rules and spamming the chat. But then she changes her town so it looks different and changes her town name, and then tries to join again after a few weeks. If their friend code or something was listed on their profile, it would make it easier to know who that person is before you accept them into your coop.
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    Wow... two thumbs up! This would be so great... so helpful.
    Well done Amoria!
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