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Thread: This game isn't as hard

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    This game isn't as hard

    Hello everyone,

    I have read a lot of comments complaining about how difficult is the game and how you can spend several days just to reach one level... Am I the one who totally think the contrary ? Of course, Homescapes is harder than Gardenscapes but it is totally playable. I'm level 623 and I never needed to spend money on this game and rarely used booster (I have about 30 booster in each slot). I got stuck just few times in some levels (maybe 10 levels, no more) for about 2-3 days. So I really don't understand all those comments, this game is totally fun for me and I really enjoy to play it, since 4 months now.
    But I'm agree about the number of stars you need just to complete a simple step like calling someone. It's getting worse in higher levels.

    Sorry for my English, it's not my native language.

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    When I first started playing, I got frustrated with the level of difficulty. But over time I got better and now usually complete about 10 levels a day. I’m on 880 and will run out of available levels sometime this week. My advice to players who complain about the difficulty of the game is to stick with it. It’ll get easier to beat levels on the first try the more you play.

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    I am in the same situation. I haven't spend any real money on the game. I am currently at the highest available level. Just to avoid going to fast I have decided to spend a lot less coins in the game than I receive by completing levels etc...

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    It's all about the strategy, isn't it? When Homescapes was launched, I also found it quite difficult, but soon realised that it's not just a Match 3 game and that you need to look at the moves ahead. Quite often, you've got to get those rainbow blasts next to other boosts to succeed, but the real trick is getting the correct boosts. Depending on the layout, paper planes sometimes work better than bombs, other times they are useless. It certainly does get easier the longer you play.
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    I personally don't find the game to be nearly as difficult as a lot of people on the forums clearly do. There will be times I get frustrated with individual levels or have to repeat one quite a lot every once in a while. Other than this, I manage just fine. I continue to wonder if people that are finding the game impossible are really understanding the importance of combining boosters in order to progress. Unlike Fishdom and Gardenscapes, combining boosters is the entire point of Homescapes.
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    It's not all about the strategy, I think. At the beginning as Homescapes has been a brand new game, there has been a different algorithm (at least for me), mini games have not been soo difficult but a greater amount of them than now has'nt just been "winnable". I made a big break, came back to Homescapes and the mini games have been eased. Now it's (at least for me) way more easy to pass the levels.

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    really.. I love game this kind of game like candy crush and others but NONE of those I played more than one try for every level except this one. maybe I do have some lack of strategy but, come on every single level I have to play more than one try that is something else. Also I detected a lot of bugs.

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    It is hard. Strategy is not all you need. You need lots of luck. I have a lot of experience with Fishdom. It's the same with both games. It's a shame. The game idea is great, but if the levels frustrate you that doesn't help. I don't have a problem with being patient. I don't expect to be done with everything in a short time. Though, when I see some level designs, they are ridiculous.
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    I agree on the game being not that hard. I get more boosters for free from the cats levels, the stars and the competition then I want/ need to spend. There are some hard levels you need a lot of luck for though. And I am only playing for 6 weeks now (level 899) so maybe it gets harder when you play more and are on a high level. And of course, the 3 extra turns and other extras you get from Flint, help. I often complete the level in the last 3 turns.

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    I completely disagree with most of the comments here. I've been playing gardenscapes for quite a bit now and am currently waiting for new levels, since I've reached the endgame yet again.
    While waiting I sometimes play homescapes, but have been stuck at one level (close to 900) for several months now. Also, the cat casanova game is everything but fun for me - I have never made it past stage 3. I really wonder what this game is supposed to be.
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