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Thread: 18.02 Valentine Event Coverage

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    18.02 Valentine Event Coverage

    Fishdom recently celebrated St. Valentine's Day Residents of the aquarium were enthralled by the truly romantic story of the Lady and Bard fish. Jacob, a reporter with Aquarium News, asked the lovers about their adventures and for some tips on how to make for an unforgettable Valentine's Day.

    Lady, Bard, it's nice to see you! Thanks for making some time for me!
    Lady: Well, it wasn't very hard to do. The holiday is over, so we aren't that busy anymore.
    Bard: All we have left to do really is clean up the confetti. (laughs)

    You must admit cleaning up after a celebration can't be nearly as exhausting as fighting the Octopus Queen. Bard, tell us, how did you manage to defeat her?
    Lady: (sighs) Oh, it's such a crazy story!
    Bard: Well, it isn't that crazy... I managed to outwit the Queen, that's all. I started a rumor about how a big mean dragon was getting ready to attack the town. So her guards swam away to stop it. While the Queen was busy trying to get them to come back, I snuck into the tower and rescued Lady.
    Lady: Isn't that crazy enough for you? They could have caught you. I can't even think about what could have happened! There actually was a dragon. He gave us some directions and turned out to be a real gentleman.

    Where did you go after you'd left town?
    Lady: We went to the French aquarium to eat croissants! (laughs) We hadn't seen each other for such a long time, so we totally forgot about our pastries and just talked until they closed the place!
    Bard: Then I invited Lady on a gondola ride. (bows humbly) The sky was so beautiful that night. We even saw the Cassiopeia and Perseus constellations...
    Lady: We saw a shooting star too!

    Did you make a wish?
    Lady: I did! But you know, you shouldn't tell anyone what your wish was, or it won't come true. So that'll be my little secret. (winks)

    All right, I won't say a word. I heard you stayed in France until Valentine's Day and even helped organize the celebrations.
    Bard: Yes, my incredible and talented Lady took care of the aquarium decorations. She's a natural. The flowers, linens, lighting—everything looked so elegant. The guests just loved it.
    Lady: Oh, stop it! It wasn't all about the decorations. Bard's music was the real hit! He sang all the favorites: The Shoal Must Go On, Strangers in the Storm, and my favorite, From Salmon With Love. We danced all night!

    It's such a shame that I couldn't make it to the party—I was working!
    Lady: It really is a shame. Prince Henry proposed to Arianna the Mermaid there. It was a surprise for everyone, and everyone was so happy for them! Of course, she said yes. (smiles)

    There's no way I'm missing their wedding! But let's get back to you. Now what are your plans, now that the Queen isn't a threat anymore?
    Bard: We're going to see the American aquarium. I've always wanted to meet Freddie the Walrus, he's a famous jazz player and a real artist! I could learn a lot from him.
    Lady: We're leaving in a few days. And I really hope to get Marilyn's autograph—she's so amazing!

    Well, I wish you both a fantastic journey! Thank you on behalf of Aquarium News!

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    Whis you a lot of happines

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    Hi what a lovely story I glad the two lover fish got to be together, there is something a out love when it draws two hearts to become one keep on making fishdom excited to play and make some of the levels a little more easyer so people want give up and quit cause the levels are to hard to win. I like fishdom but I am stuck myself on this level I cannot seem to beat, so please make it a little better for us that can't crack the code on the level so fast. Thanks for the game it is fun to play.

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    I never got a chance to do anything with the hhearts I collected and the event. Was gone I want to buy something. But everything. Was gone before I got to use my hearts im vex and dont. Want to play

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    Hope u guys had a nice day because it was a sad day

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    So pretty,

    Lady is very skilled with her makeup! I love the shades she wore for the celebration 🎉 and to her date with Bard!

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    Who won the Valentine contest?

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    Hi. Happiest fun and love to everyone. I play Fishdom several times a day and this was the best game except the Christmas game.i enjoy a lot of fun. I'm now back to to the levels. Please let Sir GoldFlipper and Leo have a time off. I'm tired of dealing with them.

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    That's so sweet.

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    So pretty. Love me some fish

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