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Thread: Restart from tutorial on iOS for my new playing son

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    Restart from tutorial on iOS for my new playing son

    I have not found a way how to restart the game on iOS from zero. I have demonstrated the play till level 4 to my kid, and now I want him to restart it so he can play also the tutorial alone. I am not able to achieve this. What I tried:

    1. deleted the game and downloaded it again on the iOS.
    2. deleted the game and all data and downloaded it again on the iOS.
    3. logged out of game center. then again 1.
    4. logged out of game center, logged in using a new account. them again 1.

    This all always gets me up the old game from level 4. Not a new one so that the kid might play it alone.

    I was trying to search for this problem on the forum, but nothing valuable came up.

    Not using facebook.
    No valuable stuff in the game yet, so a restart would be painless.

    Please help.
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    Keep playing the tutorial through to around level 14 I think it is - when it ceases being a tutorial and then try deleting and reloading. Not sure if that would work, but it may do......
    If not - hopefully someone else will show up with another idea.

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