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Thread: 15.02 Ask The Devs: Bonus Video!

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    15.02 Ask The Devs: Bonus Video!

    Want to find out what games the devs played when they were kids? 😜 Which Township characters they'd like to be friends with?🐑

    Press play ▶ and watch this BONUS VIDEO! 🔽

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    Hi devs! :wave:

    My fav character would be the cowboy/girl, except we don't have one... Hint Hint

    I don't know the games they played (well, Mario and Warcraft but not played them myself). An interesting question would be if they thought their fav characters in those games had influenced the way they developed our characters today.

    ETA: forgot to add in a thank you, both for the video cause it's fun to see "behind the scenes", and for the work you all do to make Township what it is, so, thank you
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    Thanks Natasha . Tell the Devs we appreciate them sharing. Definitely familiar with their childhood games. I played Pong and Galaxie (boy, I am ancient- lol). Much appreciation to all they do for us.

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    What a fun video - thanks Natasha and thanks to the Devs for sharing!

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