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Thread: Playing at all Thurs-Sun = competition

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    Playing at all Thurs-Sun = competition

    PLEASE stop making us part of a competition by default if we play and win any level between Thursday and Sunday. I like being part of competitions when I like being part of competitions. And I like playing chill games when I like playing chill games. I enjoy this game overall, but now I have cut back on playing during my freetime (usually weekend time) because I get forced in to a competition with rankings. And if I don’t play enough, I get demoted and basically shamed by developers who are home spending their weekends with their families. How about an option to join your weekly weekend competitions and an option to just play freely and enjoy the game when you have time to play (during your family weekends). You are currently presenting an all-or-nothing option to playing Thurs-Sun, and how many people really want to be all-in all the time?
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    It would be great if an opt-out option would be implemented! There are other players who suggested the same thing, see this thread for example.

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