This is a great game in many ways, but there are some things that I feel could be improved, if possible:
1. Can you skip steps? I didn’t want to add flowers around the creek, but the game didn’t want to go forward without it. I also didn’t want to paint the treehouse or add so many high bushes. Less is more! I know the game would go quicker this way, but I am more interested in designing the garden than in playing the games.
2. While I appreciate that you are trying to make money, I feel that the cost for 5 extra moves is exorbitant! Almost $2 for 5 moves! Frankly, if there were more moves or if you could carry over unused moves to the next level I would be inclined to keep playing. As it is, I am becoming disenchanted with the game as the cost of playing increases as it gets harder.
3. Can you not make one of the three choices each time be less gaudy? Something more natural looking would be appreciated.
4. Not everyone is on Facebook - it is annoying to have your game recommend the use of another app - not all of your players are kids.