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Thread: Login / Save Game Options

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    Login / Save Game Options

    I have a issue / suggestion.

    I have all 4 games on my iPad but I would like to play/transfer my account to my Android cell phone. My problem is that I don't have a social media account nor should I make one in order to play my games.

    My suggestion is - is there a way you guys can make this game have a login setup so people who do not have social media still have access to their game status on any platform ? For instance, in order to save the game, you sign in and whichever platform you choose for that day, you just have to login and your game picks up where you left off.

    I'm sure I'm not the only gamer with such issue but this will definitely help us out and will make you guys and the game so much greater because of the convenience you are supplying users.

    Please take this into consideration. It's worth the update.

    Thank you!!!

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    但重下載的時候卻全部重新開始我原 玩的都不見了

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    Quote Originally Posted by jenny liu View Post
    但重下載的時候卻全部重新開始我原 玩的都不見了
    Translation : I deleted my home because of the phone reset
    I originally had a Facebook link
    However, when the heavy download, but all of my original play all gone
    Can I return to my account? I play for a long time 欸

    Report this from within the game. Go to Help and Support, Loss of progression. Follow the instructions there.
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    I also think they need to add a way to save the game other then with Facebook. I keep putting off getting a new phone because I don't want to start all over again. They should either let us save with our usernames from here or Google play etc. I refuse to get a Facebook just so I can save my games but I don't want to stop playing... Please help admins!!! We love this game

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    What's wrong with having a Facebook? It's not like you have to personalize or use it in order play the game, you just need to have it. I'm not saying that there shouldn't be another login option, I'm just curious.

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    With #deletefacebook going round, how would you maintain your current user count.
    Save game / user connectiond are all with Facebonk. Get cracking on a new way to do tjese things...

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    I'm very disappointed due to the fact that it isn't possible to save one's game without having Facebook. I'm definitely not going to register there only because I would like to save my game. There are plenty of reasons why I don't have it and don't want it!
    Since I really like the game, I feel very sad and frustrated in regard to having to quit, because I'm forced to get a new phone and can't move my progress to it. I don't want to start a completely new game where all my progress is lost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elodie View Post
    [...] I'm forced to get a new phone and can't move my progress to it. I don't want to start a completely new game where all my progress is lost.

    If you contact support from within your game, you can ask them to transfer your progress on your new device, and they will assist you. It can be done without having your game connected to a facebook account.
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    Thank you very much for your advice (here and in the gardenscapes forum - unfortunately I can't apply it to gardenscapes because I have this the-game-is-not-loading-at-all-christmas-update-bug which has already been reported by some other users. I know, you replied to it, too, but I'm not looking forward to contacting the support via the online form. Since I can't start the game at all and haven't connected it to Facebook, they probably won't be able to help me. Maybe there's another update someday and the game starts working again... Under the condition that I get my old phone to start itself, it actually is dying at the moment, so maybe it will be too late), it worked and I'm really happy!

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    If you don't want to participate in Facebook, you can still make a totally free "dummy" Facebook account. I have one that I only use to save game progress (in several games- not just this one) to move it from device to device. I never post to it,put any personal info, friend anyone, etc, just use it for this function.

    I agree that the game devs have ulterior motives in making us connect to facebook. They either use it to collect data or want the free advertising to our friends, or maybe both! I actually like and use Facebook so having this other account protects my true one.

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