Hi Dev team, i enjoy your game, its fun, and i like to add stuff to the house more and more as time goes,

With that said, i have mixed feelings about the levels, first when i started playing this game i thought this was a skill based game but the more and more i played i noticed the more and more luck is needed then anything else, so with that said

During this christmas event that is over ridicliously fast..

I got to the level with the music notes, first it was so annoying have to remove hes talking bubbles every single time when i have already played that map 1000000 times over already, so please please do not show him saying the same thing pausing the game making it not possible to move anything because i have to click some where to remove that thought bubble if i have already seen that bubble already 10000 times, please make this possible i am tired having to click away stuff that i have already seen because i have already played the level 30000 times already,

Second thing

The music note map is not possible to win without paying 2 win,

My opinion is that this game is just luck and luck and luck and luck,

The music note map was scripted so that my grandfather could walk from moon to earth, every single move you did to unlock all the areas on the first music not level was so scripted that there is not a single chance to get a single piece of luck,

I tried that map like 30 times and even when i had boosters i got from things they were so useless because they all spawned in the little open area in the beginning and because 0 luck in that level i had to waste them to get a single piece of progress on uslessness in the first 10 seconds in the beginning,

Also the notes were very annoying, when i had unlocked the whole level area on that map it was so hard to see what is what because of the game moving the almost exact same way as the music notes were moving so i was looking all around to see what i can actually move,

So with this said

I am very very dissapointed and unmotivated to actually play homescapes then gardenscapes because of the scripted levels that removes any kind of way to get any kind of luck and because homescapes forces you to get new christmas tokens to actually play the christmas levels, i unlocked 10x more stuff in gardenscapes and that should show how dumb the ideas is now in homescapes,

And why is homescapes event over 1 day before gardenscapes??

1. Never never use notes again, horrible idea and execution,
2. Stop having so short events when you have christmas tokens that forces players to farm that to be able to play the christmas levels
3. Stop showing the same though bubble tutorial if the player has already played the level 30000000000 over again already
4. I am very dissapointed that because of this dumb scripted as hell level i hardly unlocked much at all even though i played every day during the chirstmas event times...