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Thread: More Glass, please !!

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    More Glass, please !!

    I never get enough glass from the trains, and I end up with a disproportionate amount of the other building materials. Right now, I have 21 boards, 17 bricks, and only 5 glass! I have 2 or 3 community buildings waiting for completion, backed up because of the lack of glass. Please fix!

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    Therein lies your problem.

    Only ever build one community building at a time, otherwise the algorithm gets confused.

    For now, choose one of them to focus on, and ignore the others. See how many bricks and slabs you need for that one building, and sell any you get over that amount until your glass has caught up, complete that building, then concentrate on the next one.

    It's a balancing act, and of course you're supposed to be left waiting for the last one or two materials in an effort to get you to spend TC on them, but, keep at it and you'll get there.
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    Thanks for the info! Before I had seen and read your response, I had started selling off the other abundant materials, to see if maybe it balance them out a little (and to open up some barn space), and I did start seeing a little more glass come in. Going forward: one building at a time. Good to know!

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