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Thread: Questions about visiting other Aquariums

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    Questions about visiting other Aquariums


    I've recently discovered the ability to visit other Aquariums and feeding other's fish. I know I get coins for doing that, but so far while I can't really tell, I don't think anyone has visited my Aquarium.

    How can you tell if someone visits you, do you get some sort of notification or something?

    When they do visit you, and they feed your fish, do you yourself get anything?

    Lastly, what exactly are the benefits of the visiting?

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    Hi Deb! Unfortunately, there is no way to see whether someone has visited your aquarium and vice versa. It actually sounds like a great idea, and our devs will definitely give it a thought! As for the perks, you can get some coins for feeding your friends' fish and also enjoy their wonderful fish tanks

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    Another thing to be aware of is that for some obscure reason the device have made the most recently opened tank the one your game friends see and visit to feed your fish, even though this is not the tank you are currently working on, which makes anyone getting to see our terrific decorations impossible...but that's a different issue. The point I'm making is that unless you become aware that the] development do this and put fish in that tank, your game friends don't get to feed your fish and don't get to earn extra coins, which makes them very unhappy. There's a movement in my group to put fish first for this reason because the devil don't seem to understand how flawed this programming is. Not pytting fish in the newest tank runs you the risk of losing game friends. This is something every player needs to be aware of and the developers need to change.

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