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Thread: Unable to make offer purchase

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    Lightbulb Unable to make offer purchase

    I have been trying to purchase an offer from the Special Offer zone but I keep getting the error message- 'Sorry, your purchase failed'. My game account is connected with Facebook and has active Wifi connection. I have tried repeatedly to quit and restart the game but no progress.

    Anyone who can suggest a solution.

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    hi Sandy,

    I don't understand what you mean with 'Special Offer Zone'? and what was the offer?

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    I'm thinking "special offer zone" is the TC sale that pops up then lasts for an hour before disappearing again... leaves a sale button on the right hand side of the screen for that hour.

    If that is the case, then it sounds like an issue with your payment thing rather than a game thing. Like, if you're on iPhone and purchasing through the iTunes Store, it would seem the problem is there.
    If you have an iTunes card, make sure you've entered the info correctly.
    If it's a preset account, make sure your card is still in date.
    I know iTunes will pick up X amount of purchases and block in case of fraud, so if you've purchased a lot of TC in a short amount of time, it could be that.
    I've not had it happen here, but in another game it would flash up with a similar message, and I found my way to an online chat help with Apple. They asked what game I was trying to purchase on and how much, did some clicketyclick magic and told me a minute later it was fixed.
    Which it was.

    Try googling the error message you get come up. That might get you sorted out.

    Let us know and good luck.
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    Sandy I’m experiencing this issue as well, and have been since last night. I also noticed my App Store icon disappeared from my iPad, as well. I’m going to see what else I can find out, and will let you know.

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    Ok, I found a solution for my problem. Hope it helps you.

    On your apple device, go to settings, general, restrictions, enter passcode, scroll down to in app purchases and turn it on.

    I also turned on “installing apps” and it brought my App Store icon back (App Store icon had disappeared).

    Hope this his works for you, as well!

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