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Thread: 09.02 The Snowboarding Challenge in Township!

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    09.02 The Snowboarding Challenge in Township!

    Hey, Townshippers! Grab your boards to take part in our #asTOWNishing SNOWBOARDING CHALLENGE!

    🏂 Participate in the first snowboard race!
    ❄ Produce snow at a special factory to keep racing and setting new records!
    🥇 Enjoy 2 new profile pictures given for personal and competition achievements.
    🏆 Check out temporary goods at factories and 9 sports decorations in the store.

    Ride like a pro and good luck!

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    Gold Member Sweetness123's Avatar
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    Natasha, absolutely love it! Please tell our Devs thank you, totally a new spin on our Events. Also, the decorations "rock," and I was so excited to see the "New Record Fountain" back, now I can add more to the "zillion" I got the first time (lol)

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    Thank you Playrix! What a fun new event! Happy to be able to get my hands on an Olympic Fountain!

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    Thank you Natasha, very cute event. I am terrible at navigating the trees and such, but definately fun.

    The decorations and goods are all precious, I will have so many new things in my town!

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    I just wonder if any Playrix employees actually tried to maneuver this snowboarder. It seems it is delayed when jumping or changing lanes.

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    The controls are pretty bad. Sometimes instead of changing lanes when I swipe, it will jump, leading to a crash. Sometimes I try to jump, and it won't jump in time, leading to a crash. Went through too much T-Cash before I decided I would not spend any more on this mini game. I noticed something similar that sometimes happened with with the fishing game, when the lure would go out of control and fly to the top and then crash to the bottom, which resulted in a grey fish and wasted resources to buy that lure. I feel the same way here -- bad controls lead to wasting the resources I used to buy that turn. It is not a good feeling.

    I would also like to say I am tired of the arcade mini games. If I wanted to play arcade games, I would. I play games like Township because I like strategy and building games. The match-3 games, cooking games, and events like the Easter or Halloween are cool, but I, for one, do not like the "twitchy" games, especially when the controls are wonky. But I do love Township overall!

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    The same thing happens to me, Sarila. I often find myself jumping when I really meant to switch lanes, and I have a really hard time switching across 2 lanes at once. I'm still trying to get a feel for it, though. If I crash and I don't have a helmet, I just end it and try again.

    Welcome to the forum!

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    I double checked in settings that I’ve turned on notifications for using t-cash.
    Just wonder why that doesn’t include events like this one?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Happily View Post
    I double checked in settings that I’ve turned on notifications for using t-cash.
    Just wonder why that doesn’t include events like this one?

    That's a good question. It should.

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    Why are there obstacles on the snowboarding course? If you don't want us to win, or enjoy ourselves, just don't put up the mini games. Putting trees and snowmen on the course is cheating!

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