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Thread: Quit Gardenscapes if you want fair star payments?

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    Quit Gardenscapes if you want fair star payments?

    Hello all,

    So I noticed a message on one of the threads a few days ago stating that the unequal star bug had been "fixed" but that no one would be compensated for the stars stolen from them. I am wondering if it would make more sense for players like myself to quit Gardenscapes, as I am stuck playing more advanced levels to complete comparatively low level tasks. See this excerpt from an earlier thread I posted:

    "If customers with the hard version are not refunded for extra stars that were stolen from them before the fix, then that essentially means the problem still has not been fixed. For example, while a customer who was lucky enough to have played the easy version of Gardenscapes might need to play match-3 level 88 to advance from point A to point B in the game, a player who was stuck with the hard version will still have to play a much more advanced match 3, level 138 for instance, in order to advance from that same point A to point B. Even if the future task costs are equalized, the customers are still not all paying for the same product."

    In other words, because players are not being refunded for stars, it appears they will perpetually be paying more in terms of time and money than players who were lucky enough to have the easy version of Gardenscapes in the first place. If playrix is able to reward free coins to players for various contests, is it really that far of technological stretch to reward three stars? If playrix is not willing to track down and reward every player, then could they at least compensate players who are willing to do the hard work and arithmetic of reporting their losses?

    Ordinarily, I would try to restart Gardenscapes to have the fair easy version of the game, but I am still not convinced the star costs have been leveled from what I have seen happening on my game and other players.

    What's funny is I was not notified on my support request that the issue had been supposedly solved...I had to come here to find out. If anyone is paying exorbitant star costs per task, they should probably be advised to quit their game, as the problem will only get worse as they progress to more advanced levels. Kind of a shame...I was hoping to keep playing this game, but now that I know my work is not going to be fairly rewarded (to say nothing of real $ spent on this game)--and unless playrix sends a few stars my way--I do not see why it is worth it...

    Still hoping something changes...even if playrix makes the game supposedly "easier" in the next update, there will still be a group of players who have to perpetually pay more due to this bug.
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