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Thread: Car Parking Fee + Other Related Features

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    Car Parking Fee + Other Related Features

    Since the new car park decorations been released where town vehicles drives in. That's connected to the roads. Why not earn some coins from it. As a car parking fee?

    Same with side road car parks as well. A car park meter decor that you can place, next to the roads. Which would inter-connect. For town vehicles to also park at.

    The car park meters gives you 250 coins. Bigger car parking decors gives you a maximum of 1000 coins. After a certain time duration is up. For when you can collect the money from them.

    Also why not collect the community buildings town's taxes, after a certain time frame?
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    Good suggestion! If we can collect parking fees for parking lot, meters and parking decorations and taxes from residents (property tax, sales tax from heli order and from Raja, etc.) I would be willing to buy more of such decorations.

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