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Thread: Training a dog

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    Training a dog

    The event Training your dog in Gardenscape contain multiple stages but that needs to be clear in an single attempt which sometimes cannot become possible with limited lifes and limited chances. I think there should be facility to carry forwards the chances which we have saved inprevious stage.
    Thats how one will stick to dog training and will not skip the event.

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    Yeah. I like the dog training event, but I can't seem to get through more than the first stage without failing. lol
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    It's not supposed to be easy. Given that you're getting a bunch of free stuff, if it were easy, that would defeat the purpose.

    I've found that the strategy is to keep at it until you can make it to the later stages, and then pile on the power-ups (and be prepared to buy extra turns) in order to complete the stage. Keep in mind that you can quit a level without making any moves without it counting as a loss; this lets you see the level before committing to using power-ups. (Also, if you select power-ups, and then quit without making any moves, the power-ups are not expended. You can use this to try to get a better initial board without losing anything but time.)

    Also, don't forget that you get a bunch of gold every time you complete a level. Just playing the earlier levels, even if you keep failing to clear the stage, will let you rack up a bunch of gold.

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    I think 3 levels in these "extra puzzles" is enough - very maddening when I waste so many lives just to return and have to start from square 1 (the 5 level puzzles).

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