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Thread: Regatta Tasks & Reservations

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    Quote Originally Posted by bnsfmom View Post
    We have a SERIOUS PROBLEM with our people holding tasks ALL DAY LONG! This holds up new tasks being shown. I have posted warnings to NOT do this. They don’t listen. It’s really bad when they hold a HOL FOR 8-10 hours. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS.....
    A couple suggestions, 1. announce no one can reserve a HOL, then even if someone does have an exclamation point on it anyone can take it, because the reserver, rather than the stealer broke the rules.
    2. Set a time limit on reserves of 1 or 2 hours or whatever. Have the reserver post the time task will be reserved for in chat. If you are chatty, post regular reminders of diminishing time left until the task becomes available. When the time is up if the original reserver does not take the task, it is up for grabs.

    No matter what tools Playrix gives you to work with, balancing individual self interest with the interests of the team is gonna be a pain, but it’s something you have to try to work out with communication using agreed upon rules.

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    I completely agree with this! We use the reservations in our co-op. It was a little sticky at first, but It shows the persons pic due reservation, and we all talk so much that we still call out the reserve. Some do, some don't, but I think maturity and being kind plays a big part in it.

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    Reservation of tasks... Idea💭🛎️⏳💡💡💡

    My fellow co-op members and I believe that if you reserve a task, it should not be on reserve more than 2 days max. Also, once it's reserved, it shouldn't be stolen by greedy teammates.

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    Reserving task improvements

    Why not enhance this by setting time limits. 1,2,3 hour options and also the leader or co leader can unlock a request if it goes over a set time or if the timer runs out it unlocks. In our coop we are only able to reserve a task for one hour. After that it’s opened back up. We currently do not use this feature, we ask in chat before taking a task. Whoever is monitoring the board will let us know whether a task is open or claimed. If opened u then claim it. If by chance no one is monitoring the board then all we do is scroll back one hour and double check to make sure it’s open. If open u claim it. This has worked for us from the beginning of regatta and there is no stealing. We have had a few incidents over the last year or so where there was an issue with a delayed server not showing someone’s claim in chat. We have an awesome team and everyone respects each other and would never take a task on purpose. This addition to the current would be perfect for us. Either way we would still communicate in chat first and once declared open u then can use the reserve button. Keeps it all in order and communication is a must for it all to flow.

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