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Thread: Regatta Tasks & Reservations

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    Timer On The New "Reserve" Regatta Tasks

    My Co-op have been using "reserve" as a good way to done the most tasks possible for everyone, but we did it in chat. Now that the new Reserve button is released, i think it is a great update, but then there is still some controversies about the time limit you are allowed to reserve a task. I think you should add a timer on reserved task so others can't delete or take that task until the time run out and the reserve member didn't take the task. The timer can be various from 0 to 60 mins (or more), and can only be changed by co-op leader (or maybe co-leader). This way to make sure those reserved tasks won't get picked or delete by someone esle while you prepare for it and still doing the task on hand.

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    I'd like that: a timer on reservations. Anywhere between 0 and 120 minutes would be ideal.
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    I have ships full of grapes at the dock. Before I go to bed, I take a grape task and send the boats back out so I can complete the task in the morning.
    I see a task for eight sweaters, so I put a reserve on and set my sweaters making.
    Hopefully now, I can wake up in the morning, collect my grapes to finish that task, start the sweater task, collect those and complete pretty much instantly.

    If the timer runs out an hour or two after I go to bed, then no one knows that task is reserved any more, and my prep is potentially wasted if someone else takes it.

    Yes, I could drop a message in chat, but, what about the people who don't see it? Then why bother with a reserve function at all?

    I like the idea of a timer in theory, but in practise I'm not so sure.

    Perhaps if the timer "locks" the task for a couple hours, then reopens but stays as a warning still, as it is now... I don't know.
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    Yes, Nevada nails it! This happened to my co-op exactly like Nevada’s scenario. One teammate left a note saying “Please leave so and so task for me, I’ve produced # of the goods and I will finish it when my ships come back...” She went to bed. The next morning her reserved task was gone! She asked “Who took my task?” One would reply, “ Sorry, I just got up and didn’t read the message.....” (Everyone knows who took the task, but we kept our mouth shut, because no one in my team would intentionally take a reserved task......

    Ah! Someone just took my reserved task while I am typing........

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    Any timer option would probably be best if they included the "no timer" option as well
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    Regatta Tasks & Reservations

    I wanted to combine my thoughts on several regatta related issues into a single "wish" item. There are several threads that raised issues and I have a "combo" suggestion.

    I think there should be a new set of "co-op settings" available to the Leader / Co-Leader. One would be for the new reservation system:

    A setting for the reservations themselves, choose among "Off", "Hard", "Soft". Allowing the co-op to decide if they want to use the system at all, and if the reservations are "real and enforceable" or just an "indication" of a task somebody is preparing for (like sending ships for shrimp). The initial implementation, what we have today, is the "Soft" setting.

    A setting for an expiry timer on the reservation, "None" or some range of minutes / hours. After the timer expires, the reservations is "cancelled" and the task is once again available. The size of the range should be long enough to cover the round trip time to one of the islands or the standard "sleep time" for a player

    A setting for "members", allow / disallow "Members" to also reserve tasks (although I don't get the logic on restricting them)

    One new setting for regatta tasks:

    Minimum Task Value (or Range of values). Two values, "Low" and "High" to set the range your co-op will accept. If your team wants to set it to "Low 135, High 135" or "Low 120, High 135", so be it. While I don't see the high ever being set to anything less than 135, setting it lower might be a way for a team to exclude some seasonal tasks (the Combo Tasks seem to generate emotion on both sides, same goes for the Mystery Tasks).

    I know that there are some competition questions about setting a limit on the lower task value. It would certainly affect the "Dump Ratio" for GLB teams but I would think that all the truly competitive teams would use similar values anyway, bringing "skill" into the race rather than the "random luck of the draw" when it comes to desirable tasks. In the casino, if I wanted skill to be the determining factor, I'd play Texas Hold-em, if I wanted luck to determine who wins, I'd play the slot machines.

    I'm sure others will have some great ideas to add to this. I hope some of them get implemented.

    Notes: I'll come back and edit this post to include as many links to the other posts as I can find / remember. Although IIRC there have been a lot of suggestions in this area over the last several months.

    Reduce Dumping

    Reservation Timer

    Can Members Reserve Tasks

    Take Back Task Reserving

    Experiences, positive and negative, about using reservations in co-ops
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    Oh, an additional thought on "Hard" reservations.

    If you allow "Hard" reservations, one that prevents someone else from "Starting" it, you might still want to allow the Leader (and maybe a Co-Leader) to "dump" it or "cancel" the reservation. This would be in additional to any "timeout" that might be applied. The Leader should be able to undo any errant or long standing reservation that does not have a prayer of being taken or for some other valid reason.

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    um temporizador seria perfeito. Ou entao como ja foi dito acima, um BLOQUEIO por determinado tempo para a tarefa reservada. Assim se a pessoa esquecer ou demorar mais que 12 horas (um exemplo), a tarefa poderia ficar disponivel novamente para outro jogador. Até la, ninguem poderia pegar essa tarefa pois ja estaria reservada.

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    Regatta race task reservations

    Hello. The regatta tasks just started a task reservation request and I have an idea for the reservations. Put a time limit on how long the reservation is for. This way there are not team members trying to hold on to a task for hours. Like an hour hold reservation to hold a task like the chests or mining, and like 2 hour hold on tasks that take longer. Adjust the reservation times accordingly. Just a thought.

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    Well, time's up only mean others can take it, the reserved mark is still there not removed. If you reserve a task more than a couple of hours, you are using a slot for that amount of time, and lets say 6-7 members reserve something and went to sleep, this means others don't have much choice left on the board. There're 30 members and only 12 slots, reserving for too long make it easier for you but harder for your fellas to do their tasks, of course if there are less than 12 members in your coop then do as you please. And lastly, leader can decide the amount of time base on what best for the team.

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