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Thread: Puppy training levels

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    Puppy training levels

    I LOVE the puppy training levels! Well, the first three then I have to spend so many boosters or coins to “make sure” I can finish all 5 levels in a row I don’t bother or get tired of trying. My favorite levels have the little dog bones to move the pup forward so cute!!

    On the other hand I really don’t like the ivy or honey especially the honeycomb that never goes away.

    I’m glad the puppy training is fairly often!! And it’s nice to grow flowers to get the rewards as you’re playing!

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    I like these little mini games, too. A few extra rewards for doing levels anyway is great. I hope Homescapes gets some mini events like this, too, someday since both Fishdom and Gardenscapes have them frequently.

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    I fell in love with them once you could see the dog in the levels. I'm not a dog or a cat person in particular, but that's just cool.

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