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Thread: More Ingot-Related Tasks

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    More Ingot-Related Tasks

    You need to put back the Ingots to make in the regatta. You have to much Plane stuff and no enough items. To may Trains, Planes and Helicopters

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    Making ingots was an easier task compared to collecting coins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bellavill View Post
    Making ingots was an easier task compared to collecting coins.

    Personally, I'd take a coin task over an ingot task any day, but I know the ingot task was popular, and it'd be nice to see it come back.
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    The task for making ingots is a seasonal task that, like other seasonal tasks, comes and goes. I'm quite certain we will see it again.

    This regatta, we worked well with the plane and crate tasks. While some were doing plane tasks, others were doing crate tasks - and it was a symbiotic relationship of sorts.

    And if you take helicopters, those at lower levels (especially in a co-op diverse in level) will have a much more difficult time completing a certain quantity of tasks (as required).

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    I do hope they bring back the making ingots tasks at some point. I really liked that one. It went well with the mining ore task. I like those better than the making gold coins task, which seems like a lot of coins to make in only 1 day. I don't do that many helicopters, I guess.

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    I don’t mind the making gold ones. I do miss the ingots one however.
    For the gold ones, I’ll typically do them in conjunction with the lab booster that gives extra gold from helicopter orders. I’ll also start stocking up on random things from the market to be able to quickly fill a bunch of em.

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    Coin tasks are quickly doable either by buying and selling expensive decorations and losing half the cost or I did them by double booster helicopter, half time booster market, helping friends, keep up with the zoo (not necessarily hot items), saving balloons to open during coin task, and house of luck.

    I ended up really appreciating how coin tasks raised the money I needed to purchase the very expensive factories of higher levels

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    I prefer ingot task but at least one of my teammates prefer coin task based on which tasks they chose. I paired mining task with ingots task, and upgrade my train or factories afterwards. This way it will give our team more points in regatta and helped my town a lot, a win-win situation. Coin task only forced me to take so much more heli orders, even with the booster, heli order are seldom profitable and would make my level up a notch faster! The next coin task would require me to make more coins to finish the task. Not a win-win situation at all!

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    Hate coins!

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