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Thread: Is Township Coming to An End?

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    They will never end township IMO considering all the new players they receive daily and become hooked like us old school players. They have made a VERY strategic money move by adding the yacht club and the bi-weekly events. If you don’t spend tcash then you’re guaranteed to lose out on new prizes. Now this thread explains exactly why the need for money and tcash plays a huge role in this game. I enjoy the events but not as often as they’re coming now. I always had time in between to stack my tcash so I could win new avatars which you have to place in top 3 most of the time.I mostly play for the decorations since I love decorating my town. I was super excited about the yacht clubs decorations. Only to learn you cant buy any unless you participate in every regatta. I always sat out a couple regattas as well to stack my tcash but now if I do that I’m guaranteed to not be able to get them all. Not to mention all the new holiday theme decorations are only purchased with tcash. I cannot afford to keep buying tcash soooooo I miss out on those as well. Word of advice: If you are receiving ads 4-5 an hour DO NOT purchase tcash. They will disappear and you only make less than half than what you normally would. Seriously.Worst mistake I ever made. I go days barely making anything. Other than that I love this game 1 year 1/5 later. My co op teammate doesn’t play anymore though so it’s just me. I think the competitiveness could be cut out by taken away the prize cups. Lol seriously I only want to win regatta to keep my perfect score. I also like the rewards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kitty4715 View Post
    Thanks for the positive reception Bethany, Nana, and Score! I so value your feedback and warm welcome

    Score: I agree that now that the devs have likely seen big increases in purchases due to regatta/event competition, it seems unlikely they would want to scale back :/ Maybe I'm naive, but I do think that there are a few things they could do that wouldn't cut into their revenue too much and could greatly benefit everyone's sanity. For example....

    Interseasonal regattas: I'd love to see these eliminated entirely so we all just get a week off (rest week), but I doubt that would ever happen. Instead I propose that they make it so the results of the interseasonal race don't affect your league's status. So if you were Gold in the seasonal regatta that just completed, then you will start as gold in the next seasonal regatta regardless of your placement during the interseasonal race. Or maybe you can get promoted, but not demoted. This would give teams a chance to breathe a little every 5th week if they'd like without completely eliminating the urge to be competitive that week (many teams would still fight hard to be in the top 3 for bonus rewards, bragging rights, and/or promotion if possible).

    Events: Make some of the events (particularly ones around big, world-wide holidays) about working together instead of competing. I remember when this past Christmas 2017 event was approaching I had a tiny bit of hope that they would make it like the previous year's events where we all worked together towards one's such a busy time for everyone and the spirit of the holiday season is about good will towards others, not competition. Of course that didn't happen, and we were battling it out against each other for the special holiday elf avatar. If they did choose to make some of the big events more friendly/cooperative in nature, there are things they could do to potentially recoup "lost earnings." For example, make lower stakes events like the recent plane event (or non-event as a lot of us considered it...not the flying "aerial" challenge but the event that had us send off fully loaded planes to earn points) a more regular occurrence such as once a month or every other month. They could be short (3-4 days maybe Fri-Mon) and involve anything that we regularly do in our towns anyway like sending off planes, trains, helicopter orders. Prizes wouldn't be anything special, just a little bonus T-cash, barn materials or coins, etc, so most people wouldn't feel added pressure by participating in them. However, we all know by looking at the global leader boards there would still be plenty of very competitive people who would buy/spend T-cash for the bragging rights.
    I liked the world wide events very much. I came in late and only played a couple and haven’t seen any since. Those events were very chill. Plus I like to look at the people around the world towns. That’s was very cool. I’ve seen some AWESOME towns in the world wide events. Wish they’d bring those back!!

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    Interesting thread. At level 101 I find that the town I wanted to build is finished and the zoo will soon be complete in a month or so. I’ve been here from the beginning and it’s always been about building and designing the town not regatta and events though I’m not opposed to that aspect. I would love to see an extension of the town itself, maybe an extension like the zoo so I can expand and try out different ideas, add factories etc outside the present circle we play with. Not sure how I feel about space settlements, I would be happy to have an extension located maybe past the bridge and train tracks, or perhaps an expansion as they did before where it’s the same location widened.

    If there arent new expansions coming soon I don’t see myself continuing after the zoo is finished, there wouldn’t be a point except helping coop and friends but I don’t have to actually play to do that and I wouldn’t want to take up a coop spot when another player might benefit the coop more. Love Township, I think the events are mercenary but I still play because I’m still tweaking my town and building my zoo after that I can’t see the draw.

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    I have been playing Township now for little under a Month now, so I have a long way to go. But just recently, my zoo and all the building, enclosures and animals disappeared. I have contacted support about it already. I read that this happens and wished it would not happen to me. But it did, I hope support can get it back for me. I really like this game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alienmenace View Post
    I have been playing Township now for little under a Month now, so I have a long way to go. But just recently, my zoo and all the building, enclosures and animals disappeared. I have contacted support about it already. I read that this happens and wished it would not happen to me. But it did, I hope support can get it back for me. I really like this game.
    I'll be crossing fingers for you, but if you look at the related thread:

    ...there are 10 pages of posts, and it seems Playrix did manage not once to get the zoo back.
    Not sure there was ever any official reply in that thread.

    Maybe they look into this problem now better; just keep replying to their posts in your game.

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    As hooked as I was, playing daily for hours in end for 2 years, as uninterested I am now. I didn’t even play the events, nor did I maintain my town for the past few months already. I have explored every little interesting thing I can imagine and now the game is boring to me. Nothing new to see, just more of the same. There aren’t many games that keep me interested for long, though. Once explored, I loose interest. Township is an exception to the time rule. No mobile game got my attention this long and intensively. Yet, it came to an end for me. I have no interest in farming/planting crops to send off a plane or train again and again. Or to produce items to grow even more. Competitions? Well, it was fun, until either the game or a player cheated several times. Nor do I have the time, resources or drive to keep competing time and time again.
    It’s been fun, but I just can’t bring up the energy/motivation to play anymore...... I haven’t deleted the game from my iPad, though, but I don’t think it will get much love in the future.......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Talpa View Post
    Perhaps keen forum members could assist the developers in suggesting some ideas for the next BIG thing.

    It would need some thought and will have to have universal appeal to the townshippers demographic. I'll throw out a few ideas ...

    An art gallery ....collect sculpture and exhibits that could be grouped into a series of themes. eg modern art, portraiture, still life etc. The more visitors your display attracts the greater the benefits.

    A concert hall....Players act as in performance artists (opera, theatre, musicians etc ) sell tickets to other townshippers to attend the event for a cut in the profits aka crowdfunding, buy in advertising space perhaps in a dedicated "trade" magazine, following the "event" the more punters that attend the greater the profits ( Tcash) to the investors.

    I'm sure there are far more original thinkers out there with much smarter ideas but I would have thought that a new development that utilises the ability of players to interact with one another and exploits their creative skills would add a new dimension to the game.
    Here is a couple ideas I had suggested before for the zoo...

    Reptile building and Aquarium where u enter the buildings to a new page full of cages and tanks where we collect the snakes lizards and a variety of sea life.

    I don’t believe township is dying at all. I do admit that I play less than I use to but then I need to. Am still pretty much addicted but I have taken back some of my life. I can’t see ever not wanting to visit my town every single day. I just got the playing 1000 days in a row notification 2 days ago and a friend received his 1150 notification the same day. We are dedicated! Great game Township! Looking forward to what u have in store for us next!

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    I think I will always play Township some. I see the day coming where I will slow down, however. It is good to have a secondary game other than Township. But Township is my "first love" as far as this genre and it has been a good ride. There is no indication to me that Township and Playrix are not healthy and that they will not keep implementing enhancements to the game. We are all hopeful that they will come out with a game changer update.

    Happy Monday everyone!

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    I also am looking for more world-wide co-operative events. But if the last several events tell me anything, I'm, not expecting to see any until Easter, IF Easter still is co-operative.

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    As long as people are complaining, they are still playing it. LOL

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