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Thread: 27.10 The First Major Gardenscapes Update Is Out!

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    27.10 The First Major Gardenscapes Update Is Out!

    Hi guys!

    We have the greatest news for you today - Gardenscapes introduces its first major update!

    New match-3 content:

    - More than 350 exciting levels!
    - Lawnmower power-up: charge it by matching pieces of a certain color to remove a whole row in the field!
    - Moles that try to mess with you — scare them away with power-ups!

    Also featuring:

    - Daily bonus: use the Lucky Spin to win free coins and boosters!
    - Lives fully refilled at the end of each game day!
    - More funny sketches: tap Austin, other characters, and garden objects to enjoy the hilarity!
    - An in-game news window to keep you always updated on what's happening!
    - Brand new iMessage stickers with your favorite characters' emotions available on your device!

    And many other improvements!

    Gardenscapes team thanks you for all your feedback and suggestions and sends their best wishes!

    - Nataly

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    Hey everyone!

    Let me clear out a few things about the issues discussed here. First, the Facebook version of the game at the moment is almost similar to the mobile one before the latest update. If you've played Township and have been around its forum section you could have noticed that there's difference in the game on different platforms too - on Mac or Windows phone it's always a bit behind. Same thing with the Facebook game at the moment - it's catching up with the mobile one and doesn't have everything the former has at the moment.

    And the second issue is about the lawnmower - once again, unfortunately, it will only be added to the game next week. We had an issue with it at launch and the developers needed more time to polish things, and, as it sometimes happens, it took a bit longer than all of us expected. But next week you'll finally be able to see it in your game, so that's good news

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