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Thread: What Forum Changes Would You Like To See?

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    Ok... I am going to play devils advocate here. Why do people need recognition on the forum at all? For example, I can see Bethany's join date, and I can see the number of posts that she has made. This tells me that she has been a part of this forum for a very long time. Also, but looking at the number of posts, I can see that she posts often. Because I read the forum (or I wouldn't be here) I know that Bethany's posts are helpful and when I see a post by her, I will be sure to read it. The same goes for the many regular posters on this forum.

    So.... why do we need recognition on the forum?

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    I agree Posie. I would like to see it returned to the way it was too: your Member level and your stats - kind of “name, rank, serial number.” Do away with the ridiculous green gold banner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smile85 View Post
    Personally, I think the way you have the Golden Member system set up currently is fine. I don't think it should matter how many posts a person has, as long as they have proved themselves knowledgeable and helpful about the game. When the moderators decide to promote someone, that shouldn't have to be qestioned by anyone. Certainly you and Amoria are more than qualified to make that decision. I guess a good question to ask yourself is what is the purpose of the gold membership badge? Is it to pat someone on the back or is it to show new members that said gold member knows their stuff and is giving good advice? I hope it is the latter. I like to think the golden members are being helpful for the sole purpose of being helpful and kind. Otherwise is it truly kindness if it is being done for the sole purpose of gaining fame, attention and recognition on the forum? I certainly don't ever want my self worth and ego to be dependent on a green bar under my fake name on a forum.

    I also do not think you should start a Platinum Membership, otherwise you will be right back here in a year or so. The original 5 Platinum members will be all huffy because they feel that newer platinum members do not deserve the status. Then what, are we going to have to come up with a Diamond league to keep them above everyone else? This is absurd! We all love Township! I've been playing for almost 4 years, that doesn't make me any more important than the person playing 4 months. Playrix certainly views all it's players equally important.

    I hope Playrix continues doing the interviews and I trust their capability to pick who to interview. In my opinion the more varied the interviewees the better. Pick people of different ages, locations and occupations. The player level shouldn't even matter. I'm sure there are many people who love this game who can only play once or twice a day due to jobs, children, life. The candidates are endless, it seems almost ridiculous to tell Admins who out of all these people deserves to be interviewed next.

    One idea I had was a feature where if you "find a post particularly helpful" you could give it a thumbs up. Maybe the total amount of thumbs up a member has recieved could be included under their avatar?

    Also, if you moderators really want to give recognition to members, you could do some sort of "member of the month" award or something...
    I'd like this post if I could.

    I will pass it on. I don't know anything will come of it... I don't know if the forum's host site even supports a like button, but there's some good ideas here.

    In other news... Will... lol!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevada View Post

    In other news... Will... lol!
    I know, that was great right?! Just thinking about it makes me giggle.

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    Hi, guys!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I carefully read everything. We'll discuss each idea with my colleagues and see which ones could be implemented. If you come up with more suggestions, don't hesitate to post them here or PM me

    Thank you, Nevada, for starting this thread!


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    I think that those members who consistently help, or bring life and happiness to the forum should be recognised, so the current system is right in my eyes. Its not about how long youve been a member of the forum or the amount of posts you have made. Or maybe have one system of recognition for helpfulness and one for longevity..... gold members for one, diamond member for the other, for example.
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    It may be that because I am still a fairly new player that I am finding it difficult to comprehend the necessity or desire in 'being recognised' for valuable posts in a forum. The people who gain from reading the guidance and thoughts provided by more experienced players (such as myself) usually give thanks to that individual for the time and effort taken in drafting a response. Clearly, there are those folk who come forward to shoulder the burden of answering countless questions about the game (often repeatedly) and, because of their contribution they are elevated (not sure by whom) to a higher status for the contributions they have made. Why should someone, like myself for instance, be unhappy with that situation? I am still reeling from Bessville being driven out by nasty comments made by some individual or another with nothing better to do with their time and miss her comments and light hearted banter enormously. I am content that those folk responding to queries now have a 'higher ranking' than I and have no wish whatsoever to depose them. Surely the basis of any forum is an exchange of information and in a situation like this there will always be those players who have greater experience and the ability to effectively answer questions from those less experienced.

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    I feel there is duplication in the forum and also a part which seems useless!

    The announcement section should be for that only - closed threads which don't allow pages and pages of comments (many of which are repeated in the discussions).

    Discussions is fine - the fab mods are doing a great job of moving wish list and problems to the right places.

    Troubles is useful as it's often comforting to know that you are not alone with a problem BUT Playrix staff should be much more visible on this part of the forum even if it's just to say they are aware of the problem and it's being worked on.

    Wish list is a great idea and again the playrix staff should be more visible acknowledging when ideas are passed on or explaining why something can't happen - otherwise it's pointless.

    The new players section is great and not just for new players! It's good to see how others do things and to affirm that you are doing something right. How much stuff is needed to complete each community building is such a helpful resource!

    The lounge is a great place just to let off steam and chat about off topic things. Long may it continue.

    The contests part is a total waste of space in my opinion. Competitions are held on Facebook not on the forum - if playrix want us all to get Facebook then take away the forum board. If they want to encourage forum members to participate in competitions they should have them on the board and update them as often as those on Facebook - otherwise we feel like second class citizens.

    I liked the old style of name and number of posts etc. It was what it was and easy to understand. If playrix want to reward longevity or helpfulness then they could give a little something to the player within their game. That way it's not so obvious and won't have people desperately trying to get special status on the boards. (I'm more of a lurker so very unlikely to get any kind of reward.)

    I think the mods do a wonderful job keeping the boards healthy (thank you) and the more experienced players (Nana, Graylady, Cdoser to name but a few) provide insight, help, support and humour in abundance. Playrix staff need to be more present. We need to know they read our posts, appreciate our suggestions, care about our problems and just take an interest in us as players - after all the forum has their name on it!

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    Oops - forgot zoo and regatta. As I don't participate in the regatta I can't really comment on that and my zoo is on hold until I have built my last cb - then I'm sure I'll find the zoo board very helpful!


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    I would like to see more response/posts from playrix staff. I think moderators and other members in here are doing a great job in helping out, answering questions and maintaining this entire forum. But as long as there actually is a link from the game and directly to this place, I think more activity from playrix would be fair and useful


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