I play Township (i think) for 2 years now. I have an iPad mini and play it every day. Never had any problems but after the last township update there's something wrong with the graphics. My iPad is 100% functional with all programs and games, except Township is giving an problem. When I start Township half of my screen is full lighted but the other side is much darker. First I thought my iPad was broken but after an complete reset everything works ok, programs, games, whatever. Except when I start Township is gives this problem with the graphics. It doesn't build up the screen 100% in the same strength of light. I can play the game but it's not ok. Why is the half of my screen much darker? Does anybody else experience the same problem? Does Township know more about this? I don't like to play now because after I have played Township I have to restart my iPad so that the graphics are restored tot normal. Please help.