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Thread: It's getting boring...

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    It's getting boring...

    Isn't really a bug but it really bugs me.
    I'm at level 2455 now and reached the end of the game.
    As you can see I've earned almost 1.3 million credits by now and no aquariums to spend them on.
    The only thing I do now is watch the adds, collect the diamonds and wait for friday. By then there are some new levels and I can play 1 treasure hunt. The rest of the week I have only Hermann. Because of this, I've been put back to the golden competition by the game. A month ago I managed to become second in the ruby competition, but now I have to climb up that ladder again, which is impossible because I don't have any levels to play.
    As you can see in the screenshot. I have earned 6 hours unlimited with Hermann, but these hours are useless as I don't have any levels to play.

    Same goes for power ups. As you can see I have plenty of them, because I earn them more easily than spend them. Again because of the lack of levels.

    The only levels we get at the end of the game are those ridiculous 10 treasure levels which are so difficult that the only way to solve them is to either spent idiotic amounts of power ups and diamonds or be the luckiest person in the world. And if you manage to finish them the rewards are very tiny.

    So please get your act together and create some new aquariums and a lot of new levels.
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