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Thread: Selecting & Moving Multiple Buildings/Roads/Etc At A Time

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    Selecting & Moving Multiple Buildings/Roads/Etc At A Time

    Hello everyone! New to the forums! I did check the FAQs to make sure this wasn’t on the definite no list, so please forgive me if I’ve overlooked it (it’s way too early to be functional).

    As the title says, I would love to be able select an “area” to move. As I expand my town, I’ve noticed more and more often that I’d like to be able to just shift a decorated area over one or two squares. Ive got a couple of “apartment complexes” so to speak, or small housing “communities” that are very tedious to shift the entire section over one building at a time.

    If it’s possible, it would be great to be able to select a “move grouping” button, so to speak, highlight your desired area, then move said area to a vacant spot on th map. To take it a step further, being able to place a grouping into temporary storage would make rearranging your town much easier if you like the layout of a specific area.
    Allowing roads/pavement/ground type to this move would be the icing on the cake!

    TL;DR: Basically adding a ctrl+x, ctrl+v option for a highlighted area of your choice, so that you can rearrange your town without having to move things one thing at a time. Lagniappe: adding roads/pavements/ground type to the selected area, and being able to drop a “grouping” into temporary storage.

    Thank you!


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    I would love this option!

    I have several such areas I'd definitely love to just pick up the whole thing and shuffle it a couple squares over.

    I'm seeing this as the way it gets highlighted changing sand to grass. Instead of switching the land, click the "lift" button, highlight your area, click a tick which would then lift that section so you could move it, click the tick again which would drop it in place.
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    I too think this would be stellar!

    Still, I hope I still get my SELECT ALL option too.

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    I would love this, too. It would be wonderful to be able to move whole sections of my town at once, like my college campus or Asian gardens. Hope they do this!

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