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Thread: Can We Move All Fields In One Edit Clicks?

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    Can We Move All Fields In One Edit Clicks?

    I really love the new updates especially the reserved button in tasks chart. Now can I ask for the efficiency to arranging my fields? Hope I can move several or all fields in one click as if when we want to break/delete roads or paving blocks. It will be really helpful for Townshippers I believe.. Is there anyone else agree with me?

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    I actually just made a post similar to this, but it doesn’t appear to be showing up!

    I suggested being able to essentially highlight an entire area to move, or place into temp storage. I’ve got some areas that I’ve put together that I really like how they’ve turned out, but as I expand, they need to shift over a few blocks or move completely to a different spot. Being able to include roads/pavements/ground type would be lovely as well, but I’ll take just the buildings/decorations.

    Kinda like a ctrl+x, ctrl+v.

    Edit: my post finally showed up. I’m new to the forums. It took longer to show than I was expecting, and thought I just misclicked
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    Hi, @tiffylizzy .. I'm new too that I forgot to checked the box for notifications on replies when I posted this.. Thanks for replying me.. I agree with u.. and it would be very nice if we can move the fields in one block.. 😊

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