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Thread: 02.02 The Newest Update!

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    Thank you for your prompt reply dreadnought. I am happy to be able to join the new Feb event! Thanks so much!

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    I'm trying to update township. It gets so far and says there's an error in updating. How can I get my township game back?

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    A ideia foi ÓTIMA, porem ficou uma falha muito grande. A tarefa que ja está reservada fica totalmente disponivel se outro jogador quiser pegar. Uma vez feita a reserva, a tarefa NÃO DEVERIA ficar disponivel. Isso está gerando muita desavença com os jogadores.
    Mesmo com a sinalização de reserva, a pessoa distraída vai lá e "rouba" a tarefa do amigo. Poderiam deixar as tarefas reservadas indiponiveis para outros jogadores.

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    Really enjoying the update! The Devs might want to let us know all their "tweeks" to the game they make so we can properly thank them. Like really like the addition to adding plane/train on our direct help friends button. Just noticed that they added a tab for our statues, and not sure it's always been this way (I know it wasn't working for a while), but I have been Ivan Pavlov's dog on our "Blimp" base (lol), its like a "bell" to me being able to make the blimp go up then "tapping" the base to make the blimp park (what a hoot). Anyway, sometimes it is hard for us to notice new changes, it looks kind of different, but sometimes we are not sure cause there is so much cool stuff. We would hate not to be able to recognize our Devs for all changes, no matter how large or small .
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