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Thread: Missing holiday decorations since new update

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    Missing holiday decorations since new update

    Has anyone else lost the house Halloween and Christmas decorations since the update? It may be just my problem since I had to uninstall and reinstall the game to do the update. If others are having the problem too, I will just wait for a fix but if it is isolated to my game, I will contact the help center. I still have most of the decor. It is just the ones for the house itself that are gone.

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    I have the same issue after I installed and transferred my data to a new phone. I contacted support and they credited me the decorations but when I went to click on the house to change them I get the message object can't be changed still.

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    @ Starmage2, I've had that too but it turned out I was tapping the wrong spot. Like you have to aim directly for the stairs when you tap and then it'll work, otherwise it'll pretend you're trying to change another item. ^^

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