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Thread: Activate / Deactivate Reserve Feature for Regatta Tasks

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    Activate / Deactivate Reserve Feature for Regatta Tasks

    The ability to reserve tasks in co-ops has always been a huge debate. Some groups allow their teams to do this and have been doing so in the chat. For these groups, the new feature is wonderful. However, other co-ops have made the decision to keep tasks on a first come, first serve basis. The addition of this new feature, with no ability for leadership to deactivate it in the co-op has just undermined decisions that have been made within the co-op. We now face the problem of dealing with members who choose to use this feature despite the co-op rules. Please add the ability to turn this feature off in the co-op settings as soon as possible.

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    While I do not disagree that it would be beneficial to include this feature (available only to co-op leaders), players should also respect the rules of the co-op. One of the two towns that I have is in a co-op that does not allow reserving. We have played with the feature to see how it works and have concluded that we will continue on with a No Reserve Policy.

    Simply inform your co-op that this feature will not be utilised and not to reserve tasks if you wish to remain in the co-op. Even if no enhancement is created, it should NOT create complications in a co-op where players act as a team.

    P.S. Please note that there are ongoing threads related to this.

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    I am in compete agreement that the ability to turn the reserve task function on and off should be added to the leader’s power. We have tried and tried different combinations of rules to try to make the reservation system work to no avail. There have been hard feelings, threats of leaving, we have had to kick someone, and what we thought was a happy healthy co-op has been on the verge of falling apart since the reserve task function has been introduced. We have now decided and announced that we will ban the use of the reservation system altogether, and I have been told in no uncertain terms that once this regatta is over I will be losing members. I am fine with that, as my core group will be stronger than ever and the troublemakers will be out the door. I just hate the idea that the option will still show up to remind everyone that we failed to make a go of what could have been a good thing if everyone had worked for the good of the co-op and not their own selfish needs.

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    Pls take away the reserved option as it bring conflicts to team member. Thank you装

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    Hi Angie,

    In the long run your coop will likely be better off if you resolve the conflict among yourselves? I'd advice you on how to go about accomplishing that, but obviously I do not know you, your coop members, nor your coop culture well enough to offer you any decent advice.

    However, in the forum threads on reservations, you can find out how other coops dealt with their inner conflicts. This may be helpful? Good luck!

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    Need to delete the tags task so all player are equals

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    Create rules together in your coop about this, and follow through.

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    Even rules has been created, some members will just simply ignore the rules and it create hard feeling among them. It has been less fun since the reservation function introduced.

    Suggested to add more tasks in the tasks board and timers in reservating the tasks as it jamming the tasks board. We have 30 headcount in a group and the tasks board has only 12 tasks per time. If all are reserving, then other player will not be able to choose and Play.

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    it Would be helpful for co-leads making rules if you could show how long the task has been reserved. My Co-op would like to be able to steal a mining task reservation if it’s been reserved for over so many hours, much longer for ship and factory production tasks.

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    For what it's worth, I completely agree with the off/on option to be determined by the Leader. My co-op used to work together so well until reserve option came along. Now it is hard for everyone to find tasks. Too many people, not enough tasks when they are all either reserved or dumped because of the low scores. And after all the trouble, we tried to make it a no reservation co-op and sent many many messages but its still happening, causing chaos! We all love our co-op team but several are so frustrated, they say it's not fun anymore. So sad!

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