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Thread: New Co-op League: Platinum League (Merged Thread)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kitty4715 View Post
    Anyway, thanks Jdelacr for indulging me while I shared my frustrations. This will be my last post on the topic. I’m afraid others reading this thread are starting to see me as someone who is simply whining because my team isn’t getting an easy win every week, and that is not a point of view that I ever intended to imply nor wish to continue to perpetuate.
    That’s not my impression Kitty.. I share your frustration.

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    The only way to do it that I can really see as being totally fair:

    Every co-op of each size races together.

    The GLB is the platinum league. Anyone in gold that beats a platinum league score/time takes that teams place next week.

    So every co-op with 10 racers is against every other co-op of 10 racers. The top (500) teams in silver are promoted to gold. The bottom (500) gold go back to silver, and so on down the leagues.

    Then, you earn your place in gold, or, you don't.

    My co-op this week, as seen in my last post, does not deserve gold this week, but luck of the draw had us finishing in gold. Naturally, on a selfish point, that's awesome. In the interest if what's fair; that sucks.
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    If new leagues are created maybe Double the number of teams racing per league above gold. ( 30, 60, 120, ....).

    If there is a trophy it should say
    # of first places ( __ in a row )
    # of weeks in ____ league

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    Hey, everyone,

    Once again, thanks a million for your feedback and your awesome ideas! This really helps us improve the game and make it even more fun

    We have discussed possible changes to Regatta with our dev team, and they'll see what they can do to take your suggestions on board. Unfortunately, I can't confirm when exactly any Regatta updates will be introduced, but let me assure you that we'll inform you right away, so stay tuned!

    Have a great day, guys


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