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Thread: Co-op Leader Able To View Member's Task Journal

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    Co-op Leader Able To View Member's Task Journal

    It would be extremely helpful to the co op leader if they could view each members task journal to see what tasks they have completed. Especially if a task point minimum has been set or if they've failed them or cancelled them.

    This could be done by clicking on a member in the task tab and their journal would pop up where you would normally see your own journal!

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    I'd personally request that this not be limited to the co-op Leader.

    While I love the idea and think that it would be brilliant for helping a co-op stay "honest", as a cooperative (where I am but a mere Elder but always a stats guy), it would help for either all players or, at the very least, elder and above to view.

    But I am all for the ability to view.

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    I agree with this suggestion. Not only do I like the idea for the reasons listed above, but it would also be very helpful to look at the journals and see which tasks are popular and which ones are not being taken at all so that decisions can be made regarding which tasks to automatically dump.

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