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Thread: Customer Service

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    Customer Service

    I've waffled on this all day, whether to post this or not, but I think it needs to be addressed.

    Why IS Playrix CS so lacking?

    I will bring up again that they claim to have 700 employees. They've been around for long enough by now to know that CS is vital in this world of gaming apps.

    I've been around a few years, maybe not posting, but reading nearly everything.

    I've spent a few hours tonight looking through the different platforms where the game is available and reading the reviews left.

    Yes, so very many say it is a great game, which it is. Just about everyone says how beautiful it is, and again, it is. You can play your own game. You don't have to follow a linear format to enjoy what is offered. There are updates instead of letting the game stagnate; another great boon for the game.

    The game has so, so much to offer ... until you have a problem.

    Someone has said, "The game has been downloaded 120 million times." Okay, great! When I was looking through the Amazon reviews, I was seeing reviews from 2015 saying, "Great game. Customer service SUCKS!" This is just one I remember, so I'm using it as an example.

    That was two years ago. If we look through the threads here, same complaints.

    I can't get CS to reply.
    CS lost my ticket and now I have to send it again.
    It's been 9 days and no reply.
    Keep replying, eventually you will get a human being.
    Playrix did a mass ban on Friday evening and now they aren't there for the whole weekend.
    Playrix did a mass t-cash swipe, and no one is responding.
    Playrix is saying there is a problem with their CS software and that is why it is taking so long to get back to me.

    Any of us who have come here for help or to find out what is going on has seen something like this posted, ad nauseam. I can't even begin to count the number of times I've seen posted, "Be patient. It's going to take probably a week or longer for them to get back to you."

    We will get an announcement that there is a new admin from Playrix on the forum. We see this person bi-weekly, and let's be honest, it's to post something quick and then run out like her pants are on fire. Stay and chat with us. Stay and answer questions. Stay and find out what the people who are putting money into your pockets have to say. Don't we deserve that much respect??

    I'm trying to figure out why CS is so lacking. I keep coming back to, "They just don't care." Five percent of the people are having problems, but 95% are still spending money, so who cares about the minority who are having issues. Is that it?

    If I remember the stat correctly, if a person is happy with service, they will tell one person. If someone is unhappy with service, they tell three. I saw many reviews on Amazon that were edited from, "Great game!" to "I loved the game but then I ran into an issue and I can't get CS to reply and my game is still broken."

    It is claimed this is a player-run forum. This is PLAYRIX's forum. It is registered to them. The admin who are in here are employees of Playrix, so why aren't they helping people? Why aren't there a few Playrix employees on here every single day to head things off at the pass when a player comes and says, "I downloaded the update and it screwed EVERYTHING up!" Then 5 more people come and reply to that thread and say, "Same thing happened to me!" You know there is a problem, and there should be someone who can contact the devs and tell them they need to look into whatever is happening - immediately, not 3 days later when a thread has reached 500 posts of people saying the same thing. Instead, we all sit here with our thumbs in our noses waiting for the littlest bit of info from the drive-by admins.

    I'm not talking about our super awesome spectacular mods. I would not want their job with a gun to my head. They take the brunt of it and deserve every lick of respect we can give them.

    After two years of complaints about customer service, why have we not seen any improvement? When you have a problem in a company, you take steps to fix that problem. We were told last year that they were working on better customer service and they were going to have more people around to help with game issues. I will admit I might have missed it, but I have yet to see any improvement or a more active role in talking to the players of the game.

    I, sincerely, want to know why customer service is such a low priority for Playrix.

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. To me, customer service is insanity right now.
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    Ah. Customer Service. The thing that everyone wants to have in great abundance, no one wants to do, but gets complained about probably more than anything else.

    I'm not talking about Playrix specifically. Wal-Mart (or ASDA for the UK) - I hope I can use these names - and so many other companies that have been around for decades and get slammed over and over for poor customer service. It is perhaps the most common complaint about EVERY company. And the thing is, you're right (whether your specific numbers are or not): Fewer people express good customer service than people who ... let's not say got BAD customer service but rather, didn't get the answer they wanted in the time frame that they wanted with the result that they wanted...etc. etc. etc. The thing is, if EVERY person who got good customer service told someone or put up a post, you would find that the amount of negative sharing would look more like a speck of dust rather than a flood of concern.

    I have worked in customer service most of my life and, while I don't work for Playrix, I believe they don't get a fair shake. Look at what you said/quoted: "downloaded 120 million times" and "700 employees". First, while we both know that there are not currently 120 million people playing this game, we should also recognise that 700 employees do not work in customer service. Design, development, IT, payroll, etc. will diminish that number for those doing customer service. And, no offense to Playrix, no company that I have ever worked for or dealt with do I believe has ever had a suitable number of customer service representatives. But it is what it is in that regard. But I digress.

    There are day to day issues to be addressed. Then there are the major issues to be addressed. Having done customer service in telecommunications, it's all billing and basic service issues ... until a hurricane wipes out an area and then it is MASSIVE service issues. Each industry has its own disasters that make customer service challenging and while I don't know how many people Playrix has in customer service, I am sure that they work diligently to prioritise issues in order to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

    Keep up the good work, Playrix. And a big thanks to those on here who try to help out and don't get a **** thing for it. You deserve as much appreciation....if not more.

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    Bravo!! I agree 110%! It is so hit and miss when it comes to receiving a response from CS and forum Administration. Even if you send a PM, you don't receive an immediate response.

    This is a company that doesn't operate under the philosophy, the customer comes first and/or respond to all complaints within 24/48 hours.

    I was impressed when they responded fairly quickly with reimbursements for some players of missing tcash. Then it seemed, CS disappeared.

    I long for the days of Administration posts here on the forum but those are few and far between.

    Have they gotten to big? Or are there so many new players with $$ that they take the $$ and run and say to hell with long term players?

    If Apple or Amazon ignored their customers, they wouldn't be at the top! Playrix needs to hold weekly meetings training staff on customer relationships and satisfaction. Or is it the difference in how companies operate in Russia?

    Once again, great post!

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    Will, I need to clarify that I actually do what our mods do here for another company. They are dead serious about CS.

    I have worked with that company for five years.

    When I stated I wouldn't want their job, I meant with Playrix.

    I see the other side daily. I see the, "Hey, Med, this bonus stat isn't being applied."

    Bugs happen. Glitches happen. Holy poopies moments happen. The difference is in how those things are handled right from the start, and that is why I posted this thread.

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    I contacted Playrix' CS from in-game maybe ten times. Always got reply from real people in next 3-7 days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mimy View Post
    I contacted Playrix' CS from in-game maybe ten times. Always got reply from real people in next 3-7 days.
    But is 7 days really good customer service?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scorekeeper View Post
    But is 7 days really good customer service?
    It's better than being ignored, or the countless sorry your query went into the spam box, bin, dog's dinner responses I've had this last year, sigh!

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    Thanks Med for such a thoughtful and articulate post. You brought up some very good points - ones a lot of us here have felt but not said so eloquently. As a business owner for 20 years, if I hadn't bent over backwards to keep my customers happy and address ALL their concerns in a timely manner, I would have been out of business very fast. However, as someone who has spent 40+ years in the IT industry, I do know and appreciate that it is a constant battle to put out fires and it seems at times you just can't keep up. In my experiences, it was always that technology was changing faster than we could stay on top of, there were always new things we HAD to learn, platform or software updates that broke things badly, hackers to deal with, etc etc etc - on top of just the normal every day work. I am sure Playrix has had their fair share of all of the above. That said, in my line of work, I couldn't just go out and hire more people to handle all these things, I couldn't afford it - I just worked 70-80 hour weeks most of the time!

    But, a large company like Playrix surely can afford to hire more people. And I don't think that they just need customer service people - that's probably not their weakest link. My guess is that they don't have enough people on the backend to fix the issues that come up - which is why things take way longer than they should to get fixed. While it would seem nice for a while to have more active Admins here on the forum, what good would that really do if it still takes the developers just as long to fix an issue? If there is a backlog of those accused wrongly of cheating because they perhaps have only a couple of techs assigned to check accounts and reinstate players - then what good would a faster human response to a ticket be if it still takes the same time to get back in the game?

    Just a side note: The past couple of months, players complained here in the forums and on Facebook that the developers "recycled" some of the events rather than introduced new ones. So, it's probably a tightrope walk for Playrix to keep everyone happy with enough new stuff on a regular basis, but also dedicating the needed resources to fix problems. The obvious answer there is to increase their resources. Surely there are TONS of us players from all over the world who spend plenty of money in the game to employ those that they need to keep this game alive. (One look at the global leaderboards shows that some people are willing to spend obscene amounts of money on the game!)

    So - in my opinion, it isn't just the customer service that needs improving but perhaps more importantly they need several more skilled programmers on the backend who can put out these fires a heck of a lot faster! Otherwise, our frustration as players will continue...

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    My opinion: The recent "problem" was brought to the Forum on 12.15.17, and Playrix interacted with us on 12.21.17, and was working with several players on the Forum to get this resolved. By 1.17.18, the update hit, addressing the problem, but unfortunately (and horrible) just like when we had the previous "anti-cheat" system added, innocents where caught up in it too. My point, for something that massive, that was a pretty quick turn-around, however, for the innocents getting caught up in it, very terrible business, and very scary to us all. I have never played a game where I had a fear of uncertainty hanging over my head.

    My Question: Out of those 700 employee's is their Development and CS divided between TS, Fishdom, GS, and now HS? Looks to be if you play these other games, so I ask the question, "how many people are just responsible for TS?" And, if CS is not divided by each game, how many CS Reps are allotted for TS? Or, if CS covers all Playrix games, then how many total CS folks do they have? Cause for me, just looking at the shear numbers of people who play, and with a staff of only 700 (possibly divided between the games), and when you add in development, running other crucial areas the company, etc., there is NO possible way to support everyone quickly when something happens on a massive scale.

    My Perspective: There is one company I that have heard mentioned and compared to Playrix on the Forum. That said company stays around 300,000+ employees, it would be a guarantee that CS would be better "over yonder." (LOL)

    Last Update: I would like Playrix to take a break on trying to plan/give us so much with very little "turn around" to get it done and address some of these CS concerns. This last update was massive for our Regatta lovers, and as far as I can tell, implemented many of their suggestions. Side Note: This should have answered many questions on Playrix's position on Regatta, it's here to stay, it makes money, people are going to spend their money, and that's just the way it is. You can prep/delay all you want, but if you want that Trophy or 1st Place, you are going to have to use T-Cash (that's the whole point of why Regatta was created, and whoever thought it up was brilliant).

    So what do each of us still want if Playrix cuts back to focus on CS issues:
    For me, land in Town. Hate seeing these beautiful decoration creations wasted just sitting in storage, because of not enough room to put them all out. Land for zoo, not having new enclosures that seems to have to coincide with this action. A new deco or two, and it's fine with me playing on a rotating basis same events.

    Having "small things" added, may give Playrix time to handle/address CS issues, maybe "revamp" their system and come up with better solutions to this seemingly growing problem. I have been playing since 2016, as of yet, I only had one issue, that was resolved in 3 days (but nothing major was happening at the time), and I don't know what I would do if my game was taken away during a time of a major problem, and it taking days and weeks to get resolved.

    Cheers to all, and to all a good night . PS: Great Thread Med, glad you addressed This
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    Deb, I certainly agree with what you are saying about needing more back end employees. I cannot stress enough how much keeping people informed changes attitudes.

    I'm posting from experience here.

    The game I work with updates on Wednesdays, and it is all hands on deck when those updates release. We all - there are 5 forums and 136 game worlds, so there are quite a few of us - are asked to be there, be in the game worlds, collect bug reports, etc. We had a holy poopies moment when a new browser update was put out, a Flash update (it was a while ago), and then the game update released nearly at the same time - and they were incompatible! It froze everything for everyone. Reports were sent to admin. Admin sent reports to the devs. The forums were swarmed with people unable to play.

    This is the difference - yeah, people were upset because they wanted to play their game. Admin was on the forum for HOURS on end. He kept everyone updated. The devs told him and the other admins on the other forums, "Yes, we have found where the code is conflicting. We are rewriting." Later we were told, "Code is rewritten. We are testing with our beta testers." A few hours after that, "Game is working for all of our testers, we are sending a patch now to the platforms."

    The entire time, millions of players were able to access the forums and know that the devs were working on it, what was happening, and had an admin who could say the same thing 84 billion times. I actually joked with him about having a macro for the answer of "What is going on??"

    My point being, communication. Every step of the way, knew where things were. The players were maybe not happy because the game was down, but they weren't in riot mode because they knew what was happening. Yes, it's an extreme case, but it is what I feel is lacking so drastically here. Communication.

    I was utterly floored when Dan came and posted about the Harbor Glitch, people were discussing it, and then boom, admin comes on and locks the thread after posting basically, "Yeah, we know. We are looking at it." My actual words to my husband were, "Are you kidding me? Are they sweeping this under the rug?"

    The ripple effects from that glitch were massive. So many people were saying how demoralized they were to be playing against people who got everything for free. So many said, "Why even bother?" and that was before we knew how sweeping it was throughout the game. (BTW, thank you ever so much for all of the time YOU put into helping get that cleared up. I'm sure your input made fixing that go quicker than it would have without you.)

    Just a little before the glitch came to light, we had the No Update for Kindle Users disaster. As a Kindle player, I sat here and wondered what was going on. No communication from Playrix. We had to get everything from Amazon. As soon as the update came, that thread was locked with a, "There, now you have your update." As an aside to that, everyone else had finished that contest and they took everything away, so our co-op cohorts were not able to help any of the Kindle players with their contest. Just sayin' - had to get that in there lol

    So yes, back to my original point, I agree, more devs would be awesome, but when you ask what having admins on here would do, as I have seen first hand, the players will know that whatever bug is making the rounds IS being looked at. The devs ARE working on it.

    I am the "update" lady in my co-op. I come to the forum, find out what people are talking about, and share it in the co-op. When the glitch came out, they were told. When the updates happen, they are told to look for them. When the t-cash went missing, they were told what they would need to do if it happened to them (thankfully, it did not, but they were prepared if it did.)

    Communication, that is what we need the admin from Playrix. Not details as to what caused what. Not a promise that it is going to be fixed by this date (because that's just backing yourself into a corner). Just a more than once, "We know. We have reported it to the devs. They are working on it." If it isn't fixed the same day, then come back and tell us, "We are still working on it. We've found the problem. Please give us a few more days."

    That little bit of communication can be the difference between someone continuing to play the game, and while maybe not happy at the moment, at least they won't feel like they don't matter. We should all matter, even if Playrix will never keep everyone happy -that's simply the nature of the beast - but at least they wouldn't have so very many people telling others to not play the game because of lack of support.

    Thanks again, Deb, for all you contribute on this forum. You being willing to share your knowledge is invaluable.

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