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Thread: New Reserve Task Option (Merged Thread)

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    New Reserve Task Option (Merged Thread)

    Does anyone know exactly how this works?

    I reserved a task after starting one this morning. When I finished my current task (took about 2 hrs.) my reserved task wasn’t there. Is there a time limit on the reserve? ... is someone else able to take it anyway? ... I can’t seem to find any information and my co-op isn’t very chatty. LOL ... I asked there, mentioned I had it reserved, asked for someone to check to see if they could take it ... etc. All this when I reserved it. No answers or comments in the co-op so not sure what is going on.

    Thanks for any help on this.

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    Only IOS has update one member of our team has it the rest of us are waiting hopefully Thursday We cannot see her updates so just guessing I would say if you reserved and we can't it may not work until all of us are on the same page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barbguinn View Post
    Only IOS has update one member of our team has it the rest of us are waiting hopefully Thursday We cannot see her updates so just guessing I would say if you reserved and we can't it may not work until all of us are on the same page.
    Thanks so much for your reply. That may be what happened. I know a couple of our co-op members don’t have the update yet.

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    As above, the reserve button will only be visible to anyone else who's already done the update, and this could take a few days for everyone in your co-op to catch up.

    Once reserved, a task can still be taken by anyone, or dumped by elders and above. The difference now is they'll get a message saying "X has reserved this task, are you sure you want to start/dump it".
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    I got the Android update this morning so it is making the rounds to the other platforms. But yes, I'd assume that only people with the update could see tasks marked as "reserved".

    As for how it works, who knows. I guess we'll have to wait for co-ops to experiment with it and report back here. I checked the in-game help and there's nothing, at least nothing I could find. It sure would've been nice if Playrix documented how they expected it to work instead of us doing "trial and error" and "guessing" at the rules for reservations.

    Edit - I see that Nevada has provided some info above, thank you.
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    To All:
    There is a little check box next to the “start” button.
    That is the reserve button.
    Click on a task, hit the reserve button and a green exclamation point shows up in the task,
    indicating to other members that the task has been reserved.
    Only one task can be reserved at a time.
    If another task is chosen to be reserved (IE: 2nd reserve) the exclamation point only shows up on the last task reserved.

    Another co-op member CAN chose the task to start whether it has been reserved or not.

    I’m a solo racer, so I cannot tel you if it indicates who/what co-op member has reserved the task.

    Hope this helps!😃

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    Thank you everyone for your replies.

    Thanks Moderator Nevada for the help with this.

    I will report back to my co-op, although I wonder at times if anyone even reads my posts there. .

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    It shows the profile pic of the player who has reserved the task! Thankfully everyone in our co-op has a different profile pic!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auretown View Post
    Io non trovo questa funzione di prenotazione. Mi dite come fare? Grazie
    From google translate: I do not find this booking function. Tell me how to do it? Thank you

    This feature is became available with the newest update. So far only iOS devices received the update, Android/kindle users will get it later this week. If you're on one of those platforms, you'll have to wait a bit more

    Questa funzione è disponibile con il nuovo aggiornamento. Finora solo i dispositivi iOS hanno ricevuto l'aggiornamento, gli utenti Android / kindle lo riceveranno più tardi questa settimana. Se sei su una di queste piattaforme, dovrai aspettare ancora un po '

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    Grazie per la risposta

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