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Thread: Play time for unlimited lives

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    Play time for unlimited lives

    When I earn 1 or 2 hours of unlimited play time, I usually end up losing part of it when I stop to do other things (like work). Could you have the timer stop when we get out of Fishdom and then continue with the remaining time when we return? Love the game otherwise.

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    This is another issue across all of Playrix's match-3 games. They award periods of unlimited lives, knowing fully well that most people can't use all of that time when it's awarded. They also don't allow you to select when that window begins. It has often stopped me from participating in events because I get really annoyed when I win unlimited lives and can't take advantage of it. This issue has been complained about in the forums for all of their match-3 games, but I doubt they'll ever fix it. I think it was designed this way to give the illusion that they're being generous while not having to actually give away all of that "free time". On the off-chance that someone from the Playrix team is reading this and actually does care, please prove me wrong and fix this (on all your games)!

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    I agree. I also wish I could just purchase the game outright (you know like in the days before everyone had a computer it their pocket), whereby we would own it, play when ever we want for as long as we wanted.

    Or maybe just let us bank more than 5 lives, especially those of us who have been playing for years. I’m on level 2070++ & can no longer purchase fish since all my tanks are full. I still play almost every day. How about letting us bank 25-50 lives gradually increased life bank as we progress through the levels.

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    I totally agree !!!!! Other games that I play let you decide when to use your "earned" reward. How great to be able to use it when you have the time to enjoy the extended play. To be hones - I didn't even try the last couple of challenges because I knew I wouldn't be able to use the time.

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    Thanks for your feedback on the unlimited lives, guys! I totally understand how inconvenient it might be I'll make sure to forward your suggestions to the devs!

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    If Lyuba works for Fishdom and can get the game developers to work on a way to stop the clock, I'm sure all Fishdom players would be grateful. I've complained about this several times myself.

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