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Thread: Level 77?

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    The two out most boxes/cubes that are encased in ice must be broken. Those are your exit points for the lemonade. I have a habit of not posting links but if you go to YouTube and search Gardenscapes and the level you will find someone beating the game.
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    Thanks, I understood that I had to break both sides but the problem is that even both sides broken, the lemonades don't replace them to go away...

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    Hi Pascale. With the frozen squares broken, you need to get the lemonade glasses as near to the bottom of the rows nearest the squares, but try not to let them go right down until you are ready to clear the outer square(s) with a rainbow blast. You can even get the 2 glasses going down one side if you can.

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    Thanks a lot Hyacinth, it's crystal clear now!!! I will try it right now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pascale View Post
    Thanks a lot Hyacinth, it's crystal clear now!!! I will try it right now...
    You are welcome Good luck

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    Livello 77 - Level 77

    Potete aiutarmi a superare il livello ,77?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mirko.filippi-1978 View Post
    Potete aiutarmi a superare il livello ,77?

    Hope this helps

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    Level 77

    Hi all & Merry Christmas I am stuck on Level 77 can anyone tell me how to get through the level please?

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    This level sucked terribly when I was there. You have to get both of the lemonades on the same side of the board and try to explode them so they drop off at the same time. I went on the left side, but it was just luck of the draw. You really need to hope you get some explosives.

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    Thanks Swobodams

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