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Thread: Level 77?

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    I'm having the same issue. I cannot for the life of me get past level 77. I'm almost ready to uninstall this app. It's been weeks of trying to get past 77

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    It's cause they want you to spend money to buy to get past the levels. Something I will never do because when you extend the game with 900 coins you only get 5 extra moves and most the time it is just a waste.

    One of the moderators posted a link to a YouTube vid showing someone beating level 77 and is supposed to help you get past it. How is beyond me as levels are random and you get bad luck most of the time.

    My mother, my wife and myself are pretty much done with this game. Too bad cause we all liked it but it's too frustrating. If only you could get more coins after each level and more bombs and such before you start levels without having to actually spend real money.

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    Bye Austin

    I am with you. OK ADMIN PEOPLE = LEVEL 77 sucks. Goodbye Austin - it's been fun, but too many days of trying, numerous times, watching video and I am done. Off to a game that doesn't have me frustrated and in a bad mood. It was fun, but come on day after day it gets old. Take care Austin

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    I'm with you and after all day of trying - I'm done. Off to another game that doesn't have me spending days on such a low level. Good luck!

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    Hi, I'm sick to death of Level 77. Been stuck for days. I've tried different ways of trying to get the '........glasses' of lemonade out of the puzzle and am beginning to lose the will to try anymore. Love the game so far but there are limits. Help please

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    I FINALLY got past level 77. Try getting both glasses of lemonade on the same side. See if that helps you. It's what got me out of there

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    Thanks for the advice, I tried that, but didn't get enough to set off the spinning wheel. So frustrated!!

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    Hi there. A certain amount is due to luck and literally how the squares fall. The advice above about trying to get the lemonade bottles on the same side is really good advice. Also, take your time as it is not a timed level. Look around the entire board, before and after making a move. You don't want the lemonade glasses to be in position at the bottom of the very end row(s) until the two isolated squares are unblocked. Try not to explode your bombs etc unless they are going to help you in the end quest. The good thing about Gardenscapes, is that the rainbow blast power up continues to fill even after it is full and ready to deploy. It means that you can even get two rainbow blasts in one go. If you do get 2 rainbow blasts next to each other, if you swap them together, this will clear the whole board.

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    Stuck on 77 myself for over a week, video didn't help me either😡

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    Level 77

    Please, can somebody who passed level 77 can explain to me how it works...I can't figure it out!!!!

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