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Thread: More activity with all buildings

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    More activity with all buildings

    Hi to all! there are only certain buildings we can play on: factories. i believe the game would me so much fun with other parts of the city included. for example, we can click on stadium and arrange a football match, click on school and make students a social activity like planting. or we can click on petshop and see people adopting little buddies. Those kinda things. what do you think?

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    I agree! How about getting pizza from the Pizza place just like we get burgers from the fast food place.

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    In terms of the second post on community buildings being able to manufacture items, see this response from Playrix
    Are you able to turn community buildings into " manufacturing " buildings?

    Maria (Lead Game Designer): You know, I wouldn't want my own town to be just about factories and industries. And the townspeople need some recreational places too, right? As for making profits off them - it will also need some very careful balancing with all other things we have in the game. Seems tricky but a nice idea for the future!

    Which is in this thread from July.!/page14
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