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Thread: 22.07. New Update For iOS

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    Hello. Please could you help me. I'm new to forums. Joined because of Township. Play through Game Center use iOS and ipad. But... I have used my real name and would rather be using either my Game Center name or a diff user name. Can I change this please I don't want to be using my full real name. Kind regards. Chrissy
    Quote Originally Posted by Kuen Pham View Post
    We are excited to let you know that a NEW free update of Township for iOS is now available! Enjoy:

    New Features:
    * Now you can “like” other players’ towns and your city can be “liked” too! Make your town unique and get as many “likes” as you can!
    * The Town Hall now contains city statistics that reveal a lot of interesting information.

    New Content:
    * 5 new community buildings: Donut Shop, Race Track, Rockclimbing Wall, Auto Repair Shop and Planetarium.
    * New decorations: Phone Booth, Scarecrow, Tree House and a lot more!

    Balance Improvements:
    * Maximum city level increased to 80!
    * 7 new expansions added to the city.
    * Large houses now take up half the space.

    Other improvements:
    * There are 5 new collections of artifacts at the Central Museum. Explore the mine and assemble them all!
    * Now there are cars and buses on the roads - the city has really come to life!
    * Residents' behavior got even more interesting! Tap on the passersby and see how they react.
    * New localization: Indonesian.
    * Lots of visual and other improvements!

    Hope you enjoy all the new features and tweaks!

    P.S. Android & Kindle users, a new Township update will be available for you guys very soon as well! Cheers!

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    Hi Chrissy

    As users of these forums, we can't change our username. Only administrators can do that and I'm not even sure if all levels of administrator are allowed to do it.

    Kuen should be back sometimes tomorrow. Maybe she will be able to help you.

    Graylady, Canada
    Level 62
    Android but not facebook

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    Hi, Chrissy!

    Please, send me a private message here on the Forum and let me know what user name you would like to get. Then I will help you

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