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Thread: Buildings Under Construction

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    Buildings Under Construction

    Just wondering if there is a way to put a building that's under construction in to storage. Its just I have about 4 community buildings and 1 animal enclosure awaiting materials. Trouble is the trains bring materials and they are amassing in the barn and filing the damned thing. Its a nightmare figuring out what to sell until I get enough to upgrade barn. I think I've learned a lesson from this and that is to buy a community building 1 at a time and wait till its fully built before getting the next one.

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    You cannot store/sell community buildings, the only thing you can do now is to choose one building you want to finish first, and sell all excess materials you already have, and keep only what you need for that one building. Once it's finished, focus on the next one, and so on.
    After you're done building those, start construction of only one building at a time.

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    Thanks for replying. Yeah I thought of that but its a nightmare cos they all want the same things. I guess I'll hope the next train brings some paint then that would upgrade the barn and give me some more breathing space.

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    The thing is, the trains are set to bring you more of what you're holding lots of already.

    Dreads advice is sound. Pick one building, and forget the others. Say it needs 30 each material, and you're holding onto 50 of two of them and only 10 of the third, you need to sell the 20 surplus of the first two each. Keep selling any more that come in until you've built up that third one to the amount you need. Complete that building, and start on the next one.

    Otherwise you're just going to keep your barn bursting at the seams with stuff you can't use anyways.

    Upgrading your barn is a quick fix, that fades just as fast, as the trains keep bringing more of the items you don't need.

    Look at it as a "what have I got to lose" situation. You can't complete with what you've got, so, why bother holding on to it?

    I appreciate it seems like a backward way around, (I was reluctant at first too), but, it works.
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    Sound advice. Thanks for that.

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