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Thread: More Than 1 Factory

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    More Than 1 Factory

    I was wondering if it would be possible to implement the buying of more than 1 factory (of those where only 1 is currently allowed)?
    I understand not doing more than 2 per sé, but I seem to never have enough dairy or sugar products & would love to be able to buy another factory of each.

    I understand the point of making things as they arise (& I manage with the other products, but am always battling with those factories). I don't see the harm if someone wants to spend the money on them as their barn and all else would still hold the same. And you wouldn't need to offer population points or anything on them either-they could purely be for the players benefit if they so chose. Obviously, it would be up to you as the game makers, but I would greatly appreciate it! I'm addicted and this would certainly help me out!!!

    Thank you for taking this in to consideration!

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    You can add boosts etc by installing the academy and laboratory

    To use either you need to use ingots and gems and if you dont have enough you can use township cash

    The further you get in i find the harder it becomes to make the goods go round

    The rubber factory supplies several other factory's for instance and ir a toss up which you choose today everything is sooooo slow

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    Have you upgraded the dairy and sugar factories to 50% faster yet? After I upgraded my trains I worked on those upgrades. If not you should work on them. It will be easier now since we have 3 foundries Use the boosters until then as Felinefeline1 suggested. That booster will make all your factories 30% faster for two days.

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