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Thread: Common Issue: Lost Town Or Game Progress

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    Quote Originally Posted by MatiasCity View Post
    Lost Town and dont know why
    I type Confirm that i want the game on the server and does nothing, just stays there

    Can u help?

    Level 49
    Coop ID: #JUUMV3

    Matias, we are mainly players here, you have to write to Playrix - as you can't send it from ingame, use this form

    You can probably switch the language there.
    They will need more details, like operating system, what happened (step by step) before,
    what you tried then (f.e. WHERE do you type that?) ...

    Read carefully what they write, they have made it difficult to reach them - in general, also reply to the first automated reply, until you reach a human. Be patient...
    Good luck!

    BTW, I can see your town, so it's still there

    ETA: you're welcome I also hope it will help!
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    Quote Originally Posted by koala123 View Post
    That happened to me too. I was Crescent Peak. I'm trying to get it on another computer that already had township on it and it keeps going into that old account even though I've uninstalled it 3 times. Any help guys?
    As far as I remember, it was said here somewhere that a town is linked to the device; so that would explain why the old device remembers only the old town.
    I can't see whom you're replying to, so don't know what is "the same" here, but you have to write to Playrix anyway, if it has to be the old computer (Windows??). Not sure they can or will transfer it.
    Use the external form I mentioned above, in post # 301.

    If you get a new device, the transfer is described here:

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the help dude.
    I can see my Town too on my girlfriends phone. Hope Playrix can help.

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