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Thread: Common Issue: Lost Town Or Game Progress

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    I have lost my game progress

    I lost my game progress after upgrading my phone. I have tried everything but i get only the same automated messages. Is there a chance to get my city back at level 75? I have spent time and money to build my town. Please help.

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    My town has disappeared TWICE!!!

    I loved this game until I woke up this morning to someone else's town on my screen. After contacting customer support they simply told me that the town I was seeing was the only town that was linked to my account. Well of course it is because you can't have multiple towns on the same account!! They clearly state that in the FAQ's. So DUHH it's the only one showing on my account. After repeating this they simply told me that someone must have hacked my account and stole my town and suggested that I change my passwords to EVERYTHING that was linked to my town (i.e. Facebook and Game Center, as they may be comprised as well now) So now, not only have I lost all my coins and all my cash, my Facebook and Game Center accounts are likely comprised, AND I'm stuck with a crappy town!! Buyer beware!!!!
    This is the second day I have logged in to a different town and customer service has done nothing to fix the issue. Customer service has also ignored all my requests to replace all my lost cash and coins!! And no offers to fix the issue. Just complete silence and no help.

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    Hi Rebelangel, this has occurred to 2 other players that I'm aware of, and they did eventually get their towns restored.

    Contact the admins here by pm to see if they can help you. Nastya or Albina

    See this thread here for further info

    As you can see it did take a while to get the issue resolved.

    Good luck!
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    Unfortunately I have been trying to reach customer support since 8 am yesterday morning. They are now ignoring all of my attempts to contact them. I have gone through the app, through the forum, private messaged through the forum, and even Facebook. No on will get back with me except for on Sunday when Albina basically told me "tough luck" your now stuck with the town that you have, so....... good luck!! And has yet to restore my cash and coins as well, like promised.

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    Hi Rebelangel

    I am sorry for your problems but they probably are not ignoring you. This is perfectly normal for CS. It takes many days before they get back to us. And it may take weeks to solve a problem.

    Just keep your request active by sending a reminder every day or two.

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    I was expecting a quicker response based on the fact that when I contacted them on Sunday I had a response within 2 hours. And then she just quit replying to me after telling me there wasn't anything she could do for me and I was stuck with what I had and that she was marking the problem resolved even though it wasn't.

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    town disappeared

    I have a on level 16 and i went to my town this morning and its gone. everything is gone and its like i am having to start completely over. im still on level 16 but have nothing i had before. no barn, no train, no factories, no houses, no crops, nothing. has this happened to anyone else? what happened? does anyone know how to get it back?

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    Are you connected to FB?

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    Angry Lost Zoo

    I lost everyting in my zoo and got start without animals

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    I need help restoring my city its mansfield level 34 tried all thing on forums

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