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Thread: Common Issue: Lost Town Or Game Progress

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    I have been continuously losing progress on my town. It's not often, but it does happen every now and then. I'm positive it's not a connection issue, I have more internet than the game should ever possibly require, but a few times now I've lost progress on tasks and anything else I do within a certain time-frame. It's not bound to a specific time of day either as it has happened both late at night and on afternoons. My town is named LazyTown and I am connected with my google play account (ThetsVP).
    The only reason I'm taking the time to make a complaint is I will now be losing a task that will affect other people on getting the chest for the inter-seasonal regatta. While I don't mind my own game failing me now and then I do mind that others will be punished from a mistake I had no part in. I would appreciate to have some feedback on what to do to fix this if at all possible and will be personally emailing Township's support team with it with more information.

    What device (or devices?) are you playing on? Do you get any error messages, re connectivity issues, and that your progress might not be saved?

    Your best bet on having this sorted out is to contact support directly from within your game, so they receive the technical information they require about your game and device. Here is a guide on how to do this.
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    Same issue. Lost progress when switching between tablets when the battery dies or I go to my bedroom. Spent 3 hours preparing a plane shipment. Logged on after dinner. My fields were empty. The plane wanted something different. The trains that I had sent out were in station, not fully loaded. Equipment goes missing. I was wondering what artificial bottleneck would make me quit. Turns out to be just bad server-side coordination. Bye.

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