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Thread: Common Issue: Lost Town Or Game Progress

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    Common Issue: Lost Town Or Game Progress

    My ticket no is 1041885. I lost my town yesterday. My town name is Dream Park and i was on level 50. I upgraded from android 5.0 to 6.0 and does a factory reset. After that i install Township. after that when i tried to connect my account nothing happens. I didn't got any option to restore my game. Please help me.

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    Did you go through the tutorial first? You need to do this first and after that you will be promoted to see if you want to restore your old game.
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    Yes, i started with demo and after that i didn't got any option to restore the game.

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    I lost My township too, when i change township to My hubby's in same device i couldnt get back to mine, there's no Confirm thing as usual i changed.
    My ticket is 1046854, playrix Made me wait so long, it had been 12 days

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    I get My township back.... Finally

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    Thank you for letting us know. Hopefully you will have fun again with the game

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    Ok well how do I know what I need to do to get mine back

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    The old Barber's town is the name of mine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amberlynnbarber View Post
    Ok well how do I know what I need to do to get mine back
    You need to go to the first link in my signature and complete the form with as much detail as you can.

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    Common Issue: Lost Town Or Game Progress

    Hello. I am having a problem loading my old save. I have re-install my phone and I lost my progress. It does though let me choose my old save but it is not loading after choosing it. Can you please restore my account back. I read in the forums that this is possible for you. My account is connected to Facebook. My level is 48 and my city name tooba's town .Please help me out

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