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Thread: Best Game Performance Tips and Tricks

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    Best Game Performance Tips and Tricks

    Hi guys!

    As we constantly add new areas and features to the game, you may sometimes notice it running slower than usual, or what’s worse—crashing and refusing to start at all!

    In most cases, these issues are caused by a lack of RAM (Random-Access Memory, not to be confused with storage memory). So please check your device specs and compare them to our system requirements here. If your device doesn’t meet them, then, unfortunately, this article won’t be able to help you much.

    But if your device does meet the requirements, here are 7 things you can do to improve game performance:

    Step 1: Close the other applications in your Recent Apps before you start the game. Running fewer applications means that more RAM will be available for Gardenscapes. Here are two step-by-step guides for both operating systems:

    Android | iOS

    Note that some apps may still continue running in the background if they require data synchronization (e.g. messenger/email apps: Skype, Facebook, etc.)

    Step 2: Keep your device up to date. Check for software updates in the Settings, and look for the latest game update in the official application stores: Google Play or the AppStore.

    Android | iOS

    Step 3: Remove apps you don’t use. Applications can sometimes be active without you even noticing it. They may be consuming some of your RAM when you need it the most.

    Step 4 (Android): Keep fewer widgets. Widgets always run in the background and can affect the performance of your device.

    Step 5: Log out of an overloaded messenger/email account, especially if you receive multiple notifications from them during the game. You may also consider deleting all messengers from your device for good. Just kidding! No need for such drastic measures, logging out will work just fine

    Step 6: Reinstall the game. Sometimes crashes can be caused by corrupted files and re-installing the app is an easy way to fix most of the problems.

    These simple steps can help you fix most performance issues, provided that they are caused by software or memory allocation. However, it might not be enough for some devices if hardware is the cause.

    If none of these suggestions seem to work, feel free to message our support team. We will do our absolute best to make sure you have a seamless gaming experience with Austin and the garden!

    Did it help? Or do you have your own ideas or experience in tackling these issues? Share your tips below, and we will be sure add them to the list!
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    YES! I have one BIG tip ... a version for pc/mac!!! Android emulators suck! We need a proper downloadable game. Give us New Acres for pc/mac downloadable.

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    I’m new to this. Any tips

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