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Thread: 26.01 Interview with the Head of the Fishdom Team Yegor

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    I'm stuck on level 214

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    Hi there my name is Lois I really like the fishdom game I have much fun playing this game, and all the fish in the tank are very pretty and cool with the color and shape I like all the things that make this game possible.

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    Thank you bunches for this fishdom game you gamers did a great job on this game.

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    That's exciting. I can't wait to be able to talk to my fish and have other types of sea creatures. Looking forward to the next update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Francisco Cruz View Post
    please, when will the next aquariums be opened?

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    I love this game, but it’s not possible to beat most levels without boosters, which are very expensive to buy. It’s also expensive to buy additional moves. Why can’t we buy additional 10 moves for 1 gem, and boosters for 2 or 3 gems.

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    I just want to thank my friends, for sending me lives. I love playing FISHDOM and hope for more friends, but don’t know how to get them. My game name is chinuk (Karyn Davidson), and would welcome new friends. Thank you in anticipation
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    Is that true about at higher level you lose your fish and tank. If so i might as well quit now. That is a lot what I like about the game. I would not like to lose all that!!!!!

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    I still have xmas decorations, what's being done about that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by evhoog View Post
    I still have xmas decorations, what's being done about that?
    Hi evhoog, and welcome to the Forum. I don't know what Platform you play on, but IOS for the new Fishdom Update came out yesterday. Check your "apps" to see if you have the update. Good luck .

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